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Java Software Development Technology

July 12, 2012

Java software development technology has gained a huge popularity in the world among Java development professionals and experienced business community. Nowadays Java development platform is utilized by more than 6.5 million software and web application developers. It is used in all main areas of development and in different devices, as well as computers and networks. Java software development technology is a perfect tool for network …

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How to make Java Wait

March 23, 2012

Hello! I’d like to show you couple ways how to make Java Wait. For somebody who doesn’t know or forgot what Java means I will remind. A little bit from the history. Java is a high-level programming language originally developed by James Gosling(Sun Microsystems). This programming language was designed for set-top boxes and hand held devices. Firstly this language was called OAK but in 1995 …

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The way to create a functioning Java User Group (JUG)

November 17, 2011

Java User Groups are an increasingly significant department of the grosser Java network and nowadays only a particle of Java programmers goes into scheduled conventions. Before starting it should be useful to say that while not having enough information to back this up, a huge amount of JUGs has come into being during the last three years, over than 10 years past after the first …

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Improve Your Dynamic Web Pages with JavaScript

August 15, 2011

If you have a question how JavaScript can be helpful for you this article is for you. JavaScript represents a popular object-oriented scripting language which is broadly supported in web browsers. JavaScript adds interactive functions to HTML pages, that are differently static, since HTML has become a display language, nor a programming language. JavaScript language is easier to deploy than Java but not as strong …

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SAP Software Company Joins OpenJDK

July 15, 2011

SAP software development company has united with the OpenJDK project. SAP company has already signed the Contributor Agreement of Oracle, which meaning that with instant effect, the developers of SAP JVM can contribute enhancements and patches to OpenJDK, and may join the discussions on the various mailing lists of OpenJDK. Volker Simonis, who is behalf of the SAP JVM team said that he is sure …

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Enterprise Java upgrade targeted to PaaS clouds

June 27, 2011

Java EE 7 will offer multi-tenancy support the same way as the runtime environment for operating a Java application within the cloud. The following version of Java will be adjusted with capabilities for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud computing, this Thursday afternoon an Oracle official said in offering specifics concerning what to expect in the next upgrade. Java EE, Java Platform Enterprise Edition is destined for release …

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Java needs cloud accommodations – Spring Framework founder

June 23, 2011

  Rod Johnson states that Java should embrace the lead when it is about cloud computing or risk being covered by languages such as Ruby. In order to maintain its prominence, Java should develop to meet the requirements of cloud computing, as the author of the popular Java Spring Framework said recently. According to founder of Spring Rod Johnson, VMware senior vice president said at …

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The Prospects of Java on the Mac

May 30, 2011

By now, almost everybody knows that last year Apple joined the OpenJDK project. What this can mean? In the course of time, the Mac platform will become an absolutely first-class citizen in the Java world. Apple will contribute the code which they deployed for their private Mac Java creates as GPL code to OpenJDK. Oracle will take over the administration of the Mac port of …

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