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30 Mobile Apps Modern Women Use Every Day! (Interview with the Beautiful Part of QArea)

March 9, 2017
business woman with phone

You never know what’s in their heads phones! Stylish convenient shoes, light make-up, double decaf pumpkin latte in the right hand, smartphone in the left hand, on the go, in a rush, always fast and ever so elegant. Full head of thoughts and lazy rising inspiration inside, because it’s just 9:00 am. I wish I could add more to the portrait of the ladies here, …

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AR Show-Stoppers

August 27, 2015
Augmented reality

Mobile devices are growing in numbers (and new owners) by the minute. Wireless connections are covering colossal pieces of ground thus allowing flawless information transfer flows. In the 21st century people expect jaw-dropping innovations from technology creators and thus AR was born, to answer those pleas. Augmented reality is something from the world of Sci-Fi, the world of tomorrow. When combined with wearable headsets it …

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Make Your Social Media Branding More Human!

June 8, 2015
Humanize social media

Social Media is an astonishing tool you may achieve great results with. Simply imagine all the available opportunities of global customer reach, branding and even more engagement in your business social networks may provide you with. However, despite everything listed above only few businesses are great with this kind of marketing, whilst the majority, despite full understanding of this matters vitality remain far from achieving …

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Mobile Game Development Walkthrough

April 7, 2015

So there was this other day several years ago. I was young and fresh. I already knew several things about actual application development and I was young and enthusiastic (I prefer using this word over ‘stupid’ for reasons) so as you are probably guessing I decided to create my own mobile game as a one man army fueled with the trendy startup spirit and Angry …

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Major Changes are Coming! How Will Our Loved Facebook Look Like Shortly?

March 30, 2015

The need to change Facebook, the largest social network is slowly loosing audience nowadays due constant competition from more narrow targeted competitors are literally hypnotizing today’s young generation with new capabilities. Basically Facebook audience pretty much consists of youngsters that are still open to the new and better and the increasing amount of startups provides people with just that kind of stuff. This process is …

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Make Your Startup A Bestselling Entertainment Miracle!

March 30, 2015

Breaking bad in the startup world Everybody’s a startup today. The industry as well as, I won’t be afraid of using these words, entire mankind have changed due increasing amounts of startups that are offering all new possibilities, solutions and functionality. That is amazing! However there always is a slight ‘but’ and our one is, well, the numbers. As I said before, everybody’s a startup, …

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