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Vital Factors that Make Medical Apps both Great and Influential

September 16, 2015

Steve Jobs is an undeniable genius of marketing. If there is a person that could sell an $99 pencil without breaking a sweat and in a way everyone loves the “new’, “innovative” solution – it was him, not Tim Cook nor any other living person on our planet. And, surprisingly, many of Steve’s claims and his approach towards products Apple developed are perfectly applied in …

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Best Healthcare App Design Patterns

June 2, 2015
Healthcare application

Today, due to growth of technology even health may be managed better by both doctors and patients. By now 45% of clinics actively use mobile technologies for communication purposes, data collection, patient treatment and monitoring, etc., as stated in the HIMSS survey. Furthermore patients and even ordinary people who want to stay healthy and monitor their own bodies are now empowered to do so, thanks …

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3 Things You Can’t Ignore While Developing a Healthcare App

April 28, 2015

Healthcare applications are a vital aspect of our today’s life. The market is crowded with various kinds of solutions that serve multiple goals and assist both doctors and patients. Such apps are especially vital to developing countries where a smartphone may be accessible but a doctor is a luxury. And even if that left aside most people simply enjoy keeping track of their personal health …

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