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Why use an ERP Software for SMB?

October 19, 2017
stages of software development

  As the business grows, many companies come to realize the necessity of the implementation of ERP software systems. There is a common belief that the ERP system is something too expensive and unbearable for the SMB market. Businesses usually tend to think that it is used only by enterprise companies. Even so, the control and implementation of all the tasks on time are absolutely …

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How to Save Your Budget with Timely Quality

November 11, 2016
Timely quality

You’ve probably heard about an American $1 billion rocket which destroyed itself 40 seconds after it took off because of a software bug. You probably think that only bugs on such large-scale projects can cause such gargantuan damage. Unless you are going to launch a shuttle there is nothing to worry about – some might say. If any bugs arise, they can simply be fixed …

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That’s How You Make Your Business Healthy and Fit with Automated Process

November 8, 2016
Make Your Business Healthy and Fit

Have you ever considered making your business work harder, better, faster, stronger? If so, these thoughts have hit you for a reason, especially if you are still doing everything in an old-school way. For instance, sending letters to a crowd of potential customers can be quite a pain in the neck. It is virtually impossible to reach your audience if you don’t have the faintest …

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7 Ways to Save Budget and Ensure High ROI with iOS Development Outsourcing

July 25, 2016
iOS development app

Business cannot live without cooperation. Throughout our history, building a successful business model was about creating tight bonds with related industries and domains. The more complicated these models become, the more bonds have to be created. Let’s just stop for a moment and think about a typical startup developing itself into a bigger company. Usually it starts with a couple of important processes: product development …

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3 Simple Hacks That Skyrocket Your Ranking in the App Store

April 19, 2016
Organic search is crucial for app store rankings

Everyone knows there’s a humongous amount of apps (~1.5 million!) in the App Store. But only a chosen few know that 63% of apps are discovered via random browsing. Even fewer people use this as an advantage. Would you like your app charted as an all-star user’s favorite? Sure, as would anybody. But there’s one major challenge you’ll succeed at before fame, recognition, billions of …

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Top Hot 3 Tools to Manage Any Project Ever

May 29, 2015
Team management

Being a project manager is hard and requires lots of effort, dedication and determination. I will certainly bore you with numerous nuances (until my next series of articles I have prepared for you, at least) of this profession as there are just too many to perfectly fit in one post. Let’s talk about things that tend to make life easier for a moment. We have …

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Good Old SEO

May 19, 2015

So here you are leading your beloved business in the internet. You log into your personal Google Webmaster Tools so you get to see a great picture of 50-80% of your traffic landing on your website from those nice search engine results. Life is beautiful and it’s like quite the time to hit the beach with margaritas! Well, not exactly. Just dig a little deeper. …

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Hot Tips That Will Skyrocket Cross-Platform Development Results!

May 18, 2015

Application development is not an easy task to do, especially if you are trying to satisfy everybody with just one solution. Did you know that almost every enterprise in the US has a backlog of 10-15 applications? And one single app may take several month to a year or even more before it’s released. Sounds like quite a time period, right? Taking things slow decreases …

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Things People Don’t Tell You About iOS Projects

April 22, 2015

iOS applications rock. Apple has done a great job at advertising their hardware, firmware and OS. People love and demand more new iOS applications and the market is always willing for new solutions. However, despite various obvious advantages App Store provides (we will not be discussing them right now as there are already numerous articles, studies, blogs and white papers, etc. on this subject) there …

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