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GDPR: why so serious?

May 15, 2018

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) comes into force at the 25th of May and aims at maintaining secure use of data for EU citizens. It is a bunch of requirements that are very promising for those who trust companies with their personal information. On the other hand, businesses see GDPR as the major challenge of 2018 and get terrified by the word. Let’s figure out …

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10 common database security issues

May 14, 2018
DataBase Security Issues

Databases are very attractive targets for hackers because they contain valuable and sensitive information. This can range from financial or intellectual property to corporate data and personal user data. Cyber criminals can profit by breaching the servers of companies and damaging the databases in the process. Thus, database security testing is a must. There are numerous incidents where hackers have targeted companies dealing with personal …

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TDD: why test and code should go hand in hand

September 28, 2015

The old-school approach to programming is DDT (Development-driven testing). It means that you code first and then test the code. However, nowadays, in the Agile reality, more and more companies are turning to the opposite development process due its substantial and tangible benefits. TDD is a software development process which is based on the iteration of a very short development lifecycle. First developers create automated …

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Manage With Comfort: 5 Open Source QA Solutions

July 22, 2014

Software development isn’t a field to mess with. Make a bugged app ones and there will be no strike one or two. You’re out and out for good.That’s why we have QA. But testing also requires development of different and specialized software. There are lots of apps existing that are made for comfortable management of one-or-two parts of the entire testing process. Such solutions made …

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Man VS Machine in Software Testing

June 24, 2014

Automation Software Testing So what is Automation Testing? It means that whenever the tester needs to check the performance of some software of any sort he writes scripts and uses other, specialized software to accomplish the test. It is mostly used to repeatedly re-run the scenarios that were done manually in a fairly faster way. Such testing improves accuracy and increases the test coverage.

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Agile Framework – Testing and Usability

March 19, 2012

One of the main things in Agile was lack of perfect planning time. To build a product according to the users, first understand who the target user is and how the users interact with the product. The preliminary work takes time and effort before entering into the details and development of a product and should be completed within the given time. Almost each development team …

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The Role of Testing in Product-Market fit

March 3, 2012

It’s always thought that product-emporium fit is the factor of the first importance in the success or breakdown of a new startup. Who can’t agree to the extent that you are not able to come off without it – and a lot of startups never accomplish it. Creation of a strong goods-market fit was a general challenge for uTest. The software testing industry was strengthened, …

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