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Moving to Microservices: Top Products & Services

August 13, 2018
Moving to Microservices

Microservices is a service‑oriented architecture composed of loosely coupled elements that have bounded contexts. — Adrian Cockcroft Microservices is a popular type of software architecture for many years now. No surprise. They are praised for they are scalable, well-performing, and sustainable. It would be wrong to say that monolith architecture is dead, simply because it still has the purpose. Big corporations with complex solutions opt …

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The ABCs of Single Page Applications

March 1, 2018
Single page application - what is it

In 2018, everyone is talking about web applications. Actually, it all started earlier, when Google created a bunch of web services for their products. Gmail, for instance, is a single page application which clearly shows the advantages of web apps over desktop products. It doesn’t require installation, can be used on many devices simultaneously and is easy to update. What is a single page web …

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Golang for DevOps

September 11, 2017

Golang is discussed here as an open source programming language providing nice features for DevOps while developing highly competitive concurrent programs and performing clear outcome for outsourcing software companies. Golang Basic Features Golang Development Pros and Cons Benefit from Go being not a developer Specialist’s personal insights into Go As I came back home today my head was full of thoughts in a mess as …

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Top 7 Books Efficient Entrepreneurs Live by

August 22, 2016

How to become a successful businessman? Millions of people around the world are eager to learn the answer to this question. Success consists of a range of components, such as a promising idea, excellent skills, a deep knowledge of market tendencies, insistence, diligence and others. No doubt, if you are a novice entrepreneur and want to achieve success in business, it is advisable to familiarize …

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6 Advantages of Mobile ERP

February 12, 2016

Organization. It is the one concept that can make or break a business. With it, your business can be a hot commodity. Without it, well, your business will be a hot mess. Which is why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is necessary to help ensure the long-term viability of a company. ERP software serves all departments individually while integrating their functions onto a single computer. This …

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Virtual Private Networking: Do You Want Your Data Cyber Safe?

September 30, 2015

A little bit of history Before the advent of the Internet all the communication in the US was performed via telephone system and went through central hubs. If anything happened with some of them (nuclear attack, for instance), the communication infrastructure would be broken and communication between cities would be disabled. During the times of Cold War, with all the arm race and threats of …

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Burnout in IT: Ways to juice up your battery

September 9, 2015

IT sphere is a very attractive and lucrative one. Yet, it is quite demanding and tough, developing at a galloping pace. Burn-out is especially pertinent to startups and IT outsourcing due to fierce competition. Excessive workload along with long hours may trigger severe cases of fatigue and burnout. The best way to prevent this is to keep tabs on your levels of tiredness. If you start …

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Web Development: Choosing the right color

July 3, 2014
Choosing the right color for the site

Lots of fresh and unexperienced web developers are making a common mistake: they want their site to look fancy, shiny and absolutely different from the other pages in any way possible. But you should never forget that all of the “old” websites share some things together for a reason. Various factors can influence users and psychology is one of the trickiest yet useful baits you …

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