Choose Your Business Plan and Grant Your Software Success!

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 17, 2014

Choose Your Business Plan and Grant Your Software Success!
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Any business requires to begin with a business plan, that is no secret, but in today’s world of advanced tech its getting ridiculously hard to sell even good software due tremendous competition. As if things were not hard enough as they were new marketing and business concepts that are breaking all pre-defined standards and are still ridiculously successful are emerging every single day, to say the least.  How to stay on the flow and moreover how to choose the perfect business strategy that will satisfy you and will do well for your business?

Top do so one is to be clear of all the available options or even to create his own but this still won’t work without deep knowledge of what is in trend today.

Let’s begin with the classics

Or, in other words, a relatively traditional business model all of you are probably well acquainted to. What are the classics offering? All is pretty much nailed to three commonly used options:

  • Software support & licensing
  • Pay-by-the-hour consulting services
  • A combo of the two options mentioned above

But, although these schemes have proven to be useful are they all it might take to succeed in the IT industry? Apparently yes, as they are still in use but there are still many pitfalls as business growth and new sales are becoming quite hard to achieve. Your marketing and sales strategy opportunities are also narrowed down to several limited options and this may be vital with today’s competition.

If you are selling a one-time license you will have the constant need of finding more and more of new customers. Or you will need to brainstorm on how to get more license fees from existing clients, which is also quite difficult.

Are there more options?

There are always more options and it just takes you to look around and to pick just the one fitting your business in its best fashion. Here are some new business plans you may benefit from:

  • Resell software! The one idea that is making a business man’s life a bit easier is simply reselling software created by others. This is a nice idea for people eager to get into the IT industry but are not equipped with a development department of their or or for people who are eager to save money on marketing thus making software that may be re-soled or re-branded only.
  • Make people happy with free software. Or, the more accurate definition here would be selling people free software. Meaning the software is free when it’s a so called light version or you are selling additional support, add-ons and updates, in-app goods or simply advertising via your free software. All those things bring in lots of profit.
  • You may provide consulting services rather than developing software for sale. Or you may provide such services for free as an addition to your software you have sold. This approach is limited with your imagination only. This is working especially well if you have chosen to go SaaS, which brings us to…
  • SaaS, or Software as a Service. This is a difficult step to make as it requires colossal changes in everything including potential and active partners as well as sales strategies and that is only the tip of the iceberg. But all is worth it if you have shifted to SaaS in the right way as such an approach tends to grow both your client base as well as, well, your profit.

Surely these options are not everything, yet they are seemingly of the best working strategies as for today and nobody can be sure about tomorrow, especially with It so all of them may seem worth trying. Which one would you prefer to implement in your business?

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