Cloud Computing Outlook: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 16, 2012

Cloud Computing Outlook: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Cloud Computing is conducted in an existing infrastructure service that is accessible over the network. Infrastructure can consist of thousands, hundreds of thousands of computing nodes and disk arrays. All these things are connected in the network and operate as one large computer.

Cloud Services could be compared with subsistence farming and supermarket. For example, there are some people who prefer to grow vegetables and fruits, sew shoes and clothing by themselves. Probably they enjoy such processes and proud of the quality of their products. We have another case, when people doing their job, getting money for this, then go to the supermarket and buy exactly what they need. Such products have different quality and manufacturers. The same situation we have with Cloud Computing. Thus businesses can get more advantageous and profitable services provided by the cloud vendor. Specialization, division of labor and mass production is more cost-effective model.

Types of Cloud Computing can be used to improve your business infrastructure

IaaS or Infrastructure as a service (rent servers, Pay-as-used resources). The setting begins with selecting operating systems and ends with programming of necessary services. This can be compared with purchase of an unfinished house. To achieve the desired results you have to invest more resources than in PaaS. The target audience is software developers.

PaaS or Platform as a service (IaaS + specific software platform). The infrastructure is customized, built-in operating systems are already running. Software platform manages the balancing and data sharding, provides convenient API. It is like finished house with windows and doors, gas, water. But you’ll have to buy furniture, etc. The target audience is software developers. But with the presence of convenient visual media it can be used by not advanced in programming users.

SaaS or Software as a Service (charge for the time of using application). The target audience is end-users. SaaS is the most popular service among the users because it’s fully completed service.

The future of Cloud platforms

Development of cloud computing is able to generate powerful software platforms by the type of already existed operating systems. Cloud platforms have more potential then operating systems platform for personal computers.

Only imagine the computer with “infinite assets” with an access from any place in the world, the most stable worldwide. You can use tablet devices, cell-phones, terminals in public places, etc. to work with this platform. The price of portable devices is falling rapidly while the possibilities are grown and overtake desktop systems because of cloud platforms usage and raising data rate on the network.

Abilities that were provided only for large institutions and businesses previously came to ordinary users, as it had came to personal computers in former times.

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