Outsourcing Miracles, or How to Find a Vendor

by Andrii M. on Jul 18, 2022

A lot of companies today are in the search of new talent and experienced teams to tackle their projects and help their businesses grow. However, finding a software development partner that would meet your business needs best requires thorough research and can be very challenging. From hourly rates and cooperation models to geolocation and proficiency in a desired service, there are a lot of criteria to be considered. Most companies simply don’t know where to begin the search and who to trust, since everyone is trying to sell themselves as “experts” by means of sponsored posts, paid endorsements, and censored client feedback. In addition, every outsourcing vendor’s website is organized in its own way, which makes it a struggle to find and compare the data provided by these companies.

This is where online market research platforms like come in to help businesses find and compare outsourcing vendors in an organized manner and based on informative, unbiased reviews.

What is is an independent B2B research, rating and review platform that evaluates service providers from software development to marketing, forms ratings, and identifies market leaders. Clutch helps vendors manage their online reputation and stand out in their field, while buyers of professional services can find the best-equipped vendors to deliver on their specific requirements. The platform makes it significantly more convenient and easy for businesses and vendors to connect.

Today, the platform lists over 42,000 vendors, 36,000 client reviews, and more than 100 survey reports.

How works

Clutch created their own methodology and evaluation standards to cut through disorganized market research and provide businesses with the analysis and insights they need to connect with reliable, proven vendors and move towards achieving their goals with confidence.

Clutch’s research and evaluation mechanisms are based on numerous quantitative and qualitative factors, like client reviews, company experience, market presence, service focus, average hourly rates, and minimum project size. From advertising, marketing, and business services to software development, web design, and various other IT branches, Clutch organized the services and solutions on the platform into multiple categories with dozens of subcategories by their expertise, focus on proven skills, and geographic location.

Review collection and analysis on Clutch is handled by independent analysts, which ensures that client feedback is as objective as it gets, while making it impossible for vendors to cheat the system by faking testimonials and artificially boosting their rankings. Analysts gather feedback online, or over the phone if the budget exceeds $25,000. Reviews can only be provided by companies that actually used the vendor’s services, which prohibits the vendor and other interested parties from influencing the rating in any other way than by providing quality service and keeping their clients happy. Companies are also provided with an option to give anonymous feedback, and the platform will periodically ask companies to update their reviews in case their experience of working with a particular vendor got better or worse. The review system enables businesses to get a whole picture on the vendor through positive or negative client feedback on partnership experience and the overall quality of service.

Clutch’s internal ranking system and Leaders Matrix tool help businesses easily group vendors by desired category and preferred location, and choose the best suited ones based on the two scores: Ability to Deliver and Service Focus. While the Ability to Deliver indicator is calculated from the vendor’s market presence, client portfolio, experience and reviews, Service Focus accounts for the vendor’s experience and level of proficiency in a given service (e.g., software development, Testing & QA, or IT consulting). The way these scores are derived gives even more weight to client feedback.

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Once you’ve located the best vendor for the job, you can go to their company profile page to find even more detailed information. The page consists of: 

  1. Summary section, which includes the company’s general rating score, their brief description, location, minimum project size, average hourly rates, number of employees, and year of foundation.
  2. Focus that provides you with statistics on the services, industries, technologies, and platforms the vendor specializes in, as well as the size of businesses they service.
  3. Portfolio that displays the vendor’s key clients and proudest accomplishments.
  4. Reviews that features detailed client feedback and enables you to sort and filter reviews by different parameters, like project cost or type of service provided.
  5. Verification, which provides an additional layer of data about the company to confirm their legal entity is registered and active.

Benefits of using

There’s a considerable number of advantages for both businesses and outsourcing vendors in using the market-research tools:

  • Trustworthy and timely reviews. No bias or fake testimonials. Every review is handled by an independent analyst. They personally call the client once the project is finished, gather information, and provide genuine feedback.
  • No feedback left behind. Some companies may have certain restrictions regarding endorsements, like a non-disclosure agreement, or simply be unwilling to put their name out there, which would normally leave a vendor without a review. Anonymous feedback option solves this problem, enabling companies to remain anonymous in their assessments.
  • Organic and transparent ratings. The ratings are what they are – generated through complex analytics based on client reviews. Sponsorship and paid promotions don’t really add much to a vendor’s rating. Positive reviews and referrals can bring a lot more benefits than a large marketing budget.
  • Insights for future partnerships. Comprehensive reviews from clients give other businesses a deeper understanding of what they can expect from partnering with a given vendor.
  • It’s just so easy to use. Clutch’s incredibly simple, fast, and very convenient user interface makes finding a vendor a walk in the park. Businesses can easily adjust the search by services and geolocation and find the best-equipped vendor in the shortest time possible. has been a good source of clients for vendors and a great tool to help them manage their online reputation on fair and equal terms. The platform enabled many businesses to find a reliable outsourcing partner to handle their projects and raised clients’ confidence in reviews.
We are pretty happy with where we stand and we constantly keep improving throughout our 18 years of experience in software development outsourcing, software testing & QA outsourcing, and IT consulting. So if you are having trouble finding a reliable partner for full-cycle software development services, we would love to see more client reviews on our profile.



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