Common Ecommerce Challenges & Solutions for Online Businesses 

As the eCommerce industry grows, retailers face more challenges and regulations due to the new technology and cyber security legislation they bring. Every year, something new emerges for a business to quickly adapt and make the right decision at the right time. The problem is identifying where the company is heading and what it should focus on to make the proper choice and find the ideal solution.

What are the biggest concerns that online business owners will face in the upcoming years? And how may the hurdles be overcome?

Biggest eCommerce Business Challenges and Solutions

New eCommerce challenges keep coming. Here are the key issues and solutions to them.

Cyber data and security

A solid cybersecurity framework is what an eCommerce business depends on most. It is a guarantee for a single transaction as well as a company’s overall financial performance. Every year, threats get more sophisticated. That is why it is critical to provide adequate protective measures to secure money and information against phishing, e-skimming, and other malicious activities that meet the time requirement.

Anything related to data and its security is among the most difficult challenges in the eCommerce industry. A business can always back up its data, use security plugins, and secure its servers and admin dashboards. In the event of a cyberattack, a company should have an incident response strategy that outlines how to respond to reduce downtime in operations and continue to provide services as usual.

Converting shoppers into paying customers

Converting a person interested in the product and ready to buy it into someone who buys and pays for it takes work. An increase in website traffic does not imply an increase in sales. Though focusing purely on driving traffic is tempting, you should aim for something else.

Focus on improving the conversion rate and identifying the target audience. This ensures that any ad you run is more productive and profitable. Your online platform should be personalized for your target audience and work smoothly and seamlessly.

Customer experience

Since eCommerce is based on customer retention and word-of-mouth recommendations, it should be obsessed with the customer experience, which can lead to sustainable growth or failure.

Build the benefits from the opportunities you have over the Internet. In eCommerce, customers cannot touch a product, but they can see it in a different light. If possible, do not miss the opportunity to demonstrate the product’s usage in its natural environment. Make sure the navigation on a website is simple, the CTAs prompt immediate action, and the content is top-notch.

Online identity verification

In the case of high-risk transactions, knowing your customer and getting accurate information simplifies the process of preventing fraud while running a business.

Invest in online identity verification to accurately verify that the customers who log into their accounts are who they claim to be. There are several options available: AI-powered identity verifications, single sign-on verifications, database verifications, and so on.

Price and shipping

Customers are constantly looking for quality products. Use this to beat the pricing and shipping practices of eCommerce giants or larger corporations that offer attractive shipping rates. A pricing and delivery strategy is one of the greatest online shopping challenges and success factors for eCommerce businesses. Shipping costs can make or break the sale in the eyes of a customer.

Build a convenient shipping strategy that is more than just fast and free delivery. Find the best solution for your audience, in particular. Lower shipment costs and provide free delivery options, for example, by offering membership or during a certain time of year. Look through the available carriers to select the one with the lowest rates but the highest standards to guarantee that every package is delivered securely and on time.

Product return and refund policies

Typically, a return and refund policy is the first thing customers check before buying a product or service. Returns are an important element in keeping them coming back. Though dealing with it is always a challenge of eCommerce industry.

Learn what your target audience expects from an exchange policy. To benefit both your customer and your business, create a return and refund strategy. Set a time limit, allow exceptions, and keep the procedure as simple and quick as possible.

Finding the right tech partners

Having the right technical assistance brings a whole new experience to a business. Solid technology is the basis of your company’s growth.

The biggest struggle is not the technology itself but rather finding a trustworthy eCommerce development partner to fulfill your idea. Since there are various options, check your potential tech partners’ project management style. Evaluate their expertise, determine the requirements, and ask for references.

Customer support

Since eCommerce is the ability to do business with customers online no matter where they are, most eCommerce issues are somehow related to that. The importance of customer support is sky-high. Handling requests via a team of customer service managers or chatbots is not enough to get customer support done well.

Utilizing both technology and human assistance provides the best of both worlds. You allow shoppers to help themselves where they can while assisting with unique issues via a one-on-one connection with the team of experts.

Cross-border eCommerce

A company must prepare to implement an international eCommerce model to take advantage of a huge growth opportunity. Companies are afraid of selling abroad because getting their platforms correct on duties, taxes, payments, and shipping is difficult.

To not miss the market, upgrade your website to allow visitors from other countries to get information about a product or service in their native language. Use technologies to convert currencies and different payment types.

Data privacy

Even though businesses try to understand their customers better by collecting more information about them, customers are still extremely worried about their data being exposed.

How do you get a better relationship with your customers and understand them if data privacy is such a high concern? Draw the line in the right place. Collect only the information that customers willingly and knowingly provide to you.


Logistics operations may either increase revenue or cause problems with eCommerce, resulting in additional expenses and delays. The problems may occur at any stage of the process, piling up step by step.

The supply chain process should be thoroughly tracked from start to finish. You must be kept informed of every part of the procedure.

Store agility

Any online business, large or small, should be agile to be able to respond to customer needs as they arise. Every month something changes. Technology is advancing, and the trends are shifting.

Work within the team. Ensure they are ready to deliver something new within four to six weeks or adapt to what is changing on the market, both externally and internally, and make decisions immediately. Provide the fastest response to your customer’s needs.

Customer expectations

The majority of customers understand what quality entails. They are incredibly informed about technologies and what they can expect if they use a certain service or product. Do not underestimate your audience.

When you think about consumers and their expectations, understand the adjustments your business might need to implement to respond to the requirements of the market. Make in-depth research on web design trends and layouts to give the impression of what your business represents.

Placement of elements within your page

Simplicity is what makes a perfect eCommerce website. The hard part is not building a website. The hard part is building a website that adds value to your customer’s experience. A single element on a page can influence conversions and sales.

The page must be constantly updated and improved. Get a team of professional designers to do research for you on what designs potential customers respond best to – what works and what does not.


Transitioning to a sustainable business is a huge challenge as well as a huge opportunity. eCommerce has been shaped by sustainable solutions due to high consumer demand. It is gradually becoming the norm. The partners you choose, sustainability flags on the platform, and the way your products are packaged and handled in distribution centers can all help you enhance the efficiency of the business.

The key to successfully establishing an eCommerce website is to create a custom-tailored, visually appealing, and secure platform that will entice customers to return for more goods and services in the future.



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