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September 25, 2012

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Comparison of IT Outsourcing Rates in Europe: Infographics

September 26, 2012

Central and Eastern Europe region is well known for its highly developed IT industry: great number of IT specialists, high quality and low rates in one place. However, when it comes to choosing exact country for hiring resources then it could make customers really confused. Let’s bring some clarity and determine differences in rates, number of specialists and market volume for six main vendors of IT resources in CEE region: Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Belarus and Czech Republic.

Comparison of IT Outsourcing Rates in Europe: Infographic

IT Outsourcing Market Volume

In accordance with CEEITO Review 2010 made by the CEE ITO Association, 6 countries led the regional competition in IT outsourcing last year. All of them are presented on the first chart of our Infographics. Market volume of almost all countries has grown by over $100 Mln.

Number of IT Specialists

In 2011 Ukraine had the greatest number of IT specialists among countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The lowest amount belongs to Czech Republic.

Minimum and Maximum Rates

These figures are probably the most interesting findings. The most “expensive” IT resources live in Hungary where services of overage IT specialist cost little more than $54 per hour. The “cheapest” IT specialists are concentrated in Belarus and Ukraine.

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