Computer Science Is The Top Major For Jobs

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 3, 2011

Computer Science Is The Top Major For Jobs
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Nowadays graduates of computer science receive more employment offers than any other specialization. It happens the first time since 2008 when computer science has leaded the list: beforehand, accounting specializations had the highest offer rate.

56.2% of computer science majors got job offers in 2011, in comparison with only 53.8% of accounting specializations. This year the offer rate for computer science specializations raised to 13.8% compared with the previous year.

A reason for the great demand for accounting majors and computer science lies in the case that both of them are required in many various industries. The director of communications at the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Mimi Collins said that there are many various companies which require hiring computer scientists.

He added that scientists are not tied to a single particular industry – they like feeding do not enjoy this benefit.

However that is good news for graduators of computer science, it can not be so great news for the computer industry. In accordance with Collins statement, one graduate of computer science can have 10 job offers while one accounting graduate is receiving 5 offers.  Consequently, computer science specializations can be receiving more job offers, but that is just because there is a lack of people who graduate with such degree.

In accordance with Collins’s view, companies wish to employ recent computer science graduates as they possess the latest skills and knowledge though that is similar for multitude other majors as well.

Collins said that things change so fast, especially in the area of computer science. As they have been taught the recent skills, it makes them very appealing. Majority of companies have a formal track where they wish to introduce new college graduates and teach them the way they wish them to be taught.

As an example Annabelle Evans has graduated from the University of Southern California s a computer science major in 2008. She said that she received 4 different job offers while her friends haven’t got any in other majors. She explained that when she picked her major, she knew that there would not be a lack of jobs and that was part of the appeal.