Consider Developing This: Your own Open-Source Smartphone Assistant!

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March 17, 2015
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We have Sirius now. A Siri inspired solution with functionality similar to Siri itself as well as the ones of Google Now and Microsoft Cortana applications. Its creators are proud to state that Sirius is using some of the same “fancy algorithms” of its big brothers and sisters however it’s not locked behind walls of law and marketing purposes. Sirius is open-source and is quite adjustable.

Today core tech of a digital assistant application that is controlled with voice is out of the bag and available for general use thus opening an entirely new market for developers and service providers. Just imagine, even if you are crafting T-Shirts or TV sets or frozen yogurt or whatever there might be an app which users may ask all their questions reducing your maintenance and support expanses.

Your customers may also be guided through your products in a really satisfying and personalized manner without ever leaving their comfort zone.

Apple Watch costs $10K? Make your own for a couple hundred of dollars and dominate the market. You are finding Googles solutions unsatisfying? Now you can make them better and win a couple of customers. Actually your business ideas are entirely for you to come up with, however this article may be of use to you if you want a voice-controlled assistant implemented in your products.

About Sirius

Sirius is designed as a nice end-to-end vision and voice personal digital assistant. It can recognize speech, do image matching, it has a built in system of questions and answers that is executed in the clouds, is aware of natural language processing and all that is open-source. Your potential users will be capable of communicating with combinations of speech, questions and images. You can show Sirius a picture of a new store you have found on the web and ask when it closes, etc. Nice, right?

If assistance is required…

Surely such a development process will not be easy and specialist of highest standard with years of experience behind back will be required. Luckily, this process, as any other in software development may be outsourced to companies like ours for further guidance and assistance. If you have any idea up your mind, feel free to contact QArea.

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