Content is King and Here’s How You Make the King Serve Your E-Commerce Purposes

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on September 23, 2015

Content is King and Here’s How You Make the King Serve Your E-Commerce Purposes
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Sales, branding and marketing of an e-commerce platform, regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C is insanely difficult today, due availability of resources, enormous competition and cheap fake merchandise that can be found all over the web misguiding and tempting potential customers. Desperate times call for desperate measures and operating an e-commerce resource in such an environment requires serious, pro-active and thought-through planning.

Most of this planning is dedicated towards content marketing as the primary tool aimed to achieve flawless (and expected) interactions between your brand and leads or customers. By the way, the approximate number of e-commerce businesses that put content marketing up-front varies from 87% to 95%. Apparently all those people know what they are doing, or do they?
Content is quite simple and easily managed if well planned and we are going to talk about just such practices destined to improve your own e-commerce business through better interactions with your audience.

Be yourself!

Your business should determine your entire content strategy. If you are specialized in custom software development for car manufacturing enterprises all of your content must be related to that niche. Show potential consumers you are an expert in your domain and know absolutely everything about the goods you offer and ways they can be used for better “user-experience”. You will gain more leads by constantly releasing information they are looking for at the moment. Make Google searches work for you in terms of your specialization.

Have a plan!

After being certain on the domain you will be creating content for invest some into creation of a decent plan of actions. Here are several questions that may be of assistance to you:

  • What is your primary target? What is the spot you wish to hit? (be precise here)
  • What do you wish people reading your content to experience? How are they to react?
  • What do you wish for them to do after reading certain pieces of content? Have you implemented appropriate call-to-action’s?
  • What is your own next step after publishing a certain element of content? How will this element improve your e-commerce platform?
  • Are you giving enough reason for people to actually care about your product? Why should they care – does it resolve their issues? If yes, which ones?
  • Will they be encouraged to visit your site again looking for more content? Do you have what they want?

Pro tip: These questions are easily answered in a team brainstorming effort. One more nice practice would involve creation of personas – accurately tailored imaginary potential users.