Contest for Students in Kharkiv: Impressions

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 1, 2007

Contest for Students in Kharkiv: Impressions
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The students-winners of the Mobile Monday Contest that was sponsored by QArea in three Kharkiv technical universities on May 14-21 had a chance to visit the Mobile Monday Conference in Kiev on May 28. Now Igor Minyajlo from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (KhNURE), Alexander Geraschenko from National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI) and Oleg Ilnitskiy representing National Technical

University “Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute” (NTU “KhPI”) share their impressions and answer our questions after visiting the event.

Alexander Geraschenko, Igor Minyajlo and Oleg Ilnitskiy, winners of the Student Contest in Kharkiv

MoMo: How did you find out about the Mobile Monday quiz in your university?

Igor: From the Mobile Monday advertisement

Alexander: I read an advertisement about the upcoming contest at the university.

Oleg: The information about the quiz was provided by the Career Center of NTU “KhPI”.

MoMo: Do you consider the questions of the quiz difficult?

Igor: No, the questions were of average difficulty.

Alexander: Not difficult.

Oleg: Not really. 🙂

MoMo: Which part of our quiz was the most familiar to you (Telecom Overview, Java, C++ or Testing)?

Igor: Java,C++

Alexander: Telecom Overview.

Oleg: Telecom Overview, C++.

MoMo: During the conference you had a chance to listen to the presentations of two speakers: Eduard Yanovskiy, CEO of QArea and Gian Luca Cioletti, Head of Business Development at Forum Nokia. What was new for you? Which information was the most interesting?

Igor: As for the Forum Nokia, this information wasn’t new for me as I’m a registered member of this Forum. It was interesting to hear about development and perspectives of 3G in Ukraine.

Alexander: The most interesting information was in the presentation of Eduard Yanovskiy, CEO of QArea, who spoke about the possibilities of currently available mobile terminals as well as about the perspectives of software development for mobile terminals in connection with the launch of 3G networks in Ukraine.

Oleg: I was mostly interested in the information about the main areas of Forum Nokia activities that were presented by Gian Luca Cioletti. Concerning the presentation of Eduard Yanovskiy, it was interesting to learn about the software solutions developed by the company. Presentation of Yanovskiy helped me to form a better view about QArea’s business.

MoMo: Do you think that online communities and forums like are useful for software developers? Which resources (information, tools) do you think are the most important for a software developer for this or that platform?

Igor: I think that online communities are useful for software developers; besides, open meetings (conferences, presentations, forums) are very efficient. They help to broaden one’s contact network and enable to define further direction of one’s own development.

Alexander: I consider such communities not only useful but necessary for software developers as they enable members to share experience and promote the development of new technologies. To my mind, the most important thing for software developers for any platform is full specification of this platform as well as good testing tools.

Oleg: No doubt, such communities are useful. Information and tools play an equally important part, also it is essential to be aware of the needs of end customers.

MoMo: Did you manage to communicate with any of the conference participants?

Igor: Yes, I did manage to communicate with interesting people during the coffee break. 🙂

Alexander: I had a short discussion with the manager of life:), Ukrainian mobile operator, about the problems of development of 3G networks in Ukraine.

Oleg: With the Mobile Monday Organizers.

MoMo: Do you consider the visit to Mobile Monday Conference a positive experience personally for you?

Igor: I certainly do.

Alexander: For sure!

Oleg: Of course.

MoMo: Do you think that the contests for students like the one organized by QArea are useful for students? If yes, why?

Igor: I’m sure that such contests are useful as they enable the students to show their level of knowledge, and the winners have an opportunity to visit an interesting event, gain a lot of useful information and meet new people.

Alexander: Such contests are really useful and actually not only for the students as they help the participants to check their knowledge and skills, and potential employers – to find new talented employees.

Oleg: Yes, they definitely are since such contests enable to get information from the first sources of IT and telecoms areas which can be very useful in choosing further direction of personal professional activity.

MoMo: Representatives of different IT and telecom companies speak at Mobile Monday meetings in Ukraine and worldwide. Representatives of which companies would you like to listen to (name the companies or persons)? Why would you choose them?

Igor: It would be interesting for me to listen to the representatives of Microsoft, IBM, Palm, Nokia as well as Ukrainian mobile operators regarding their plans and perspectives of 3G development in Ukraine.

Alexander: I’d like to listen to the representatives of the leading mobile terminal manufacturers.

Oleg:I’d be interested to listen to the representatives of IBM, one of the leading companies in IT industry as well as SUN and Microsoft :).

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