Control Minds and Hearts of Your Customers through Accurate Web Design

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 9, 2015

Control Minds and Hearts of Your Customers through Accurate Web Design
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Your own corporate website is the perfect tool you can actually manipulate people’s minds and opinions with. To your advantage, of course. It’s not that you will achieve some actual magic effects from decent website creation but if all is done right you will definitely get into people’s minds and will not be forgotten. Appropriate web design also builds unique bonds between your customers and your business. Here’s how you do it:

  • Choose your colors wisely. They will mean a lot to people and they will say a lot about you. This is mostly valuable in terms of logo design. Analyze your business and both sales and marketing strategies you are willing to go for. How bold will they be? If you are all in for reckless, innovative and futuristic business management go for warmer pallets like reds and yellows, etc. If you wish to deliver family values greens and blues are your pick, etc. You might not realize it but you can and will establish mood of your customers through the colors chosen for creation of your website.
  • All your choices should be permanent. A wise business stays consistent with both the primary color scheme, style of content and brand direction through all materials potential customers may get their hands on. A website, a brochure, an online ad – ensure all of them feel like your brand and cannot be confused with anything else. If you forget about your choices even once in some distant promo you will most certainly loose trust. Such inconsistencies resonate with minds and cause confusion at the very least. You don’t want that to happen to your loyal clients, do you?
  • Place valuable content above the fold. Statistically internet users spend 80% of their online surfing above the fold, meaning on the first visible part of a web page. This information is mostly important considering today’s trend for websites with scrolling functionality implemented instead of the more traditional clicking for navigation. What does this mean in terms of your corporate website? If you have any content you wish people to see like a promo or data about your services – place them where people will definitely notice them. In other words keep your vital content and primary selling points on those parts of the web page that do not require additional scrolling.
  • Use images on your website. They must express something and cause emotion. This is a little cheat to make you more memorable and, frankly, people find it easier to connect their emotions to images than words of text. You don’t have to post highly emotional pics of starving children or anything of that sort but you need images. Your contact page must have both your team and top executives publicly displayed. Your solution/merchandise/goods have to be visualized in an understandable manner. And you will be surprised with skyrocketing sales!

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