Design and Evolution: The New and What it Means For Your Business

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 29, 2013

Design and Evolution: The New and What it Means For Your Business
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The New Business.comThe most expensive domain name on the internet today,, has recently undergone a new site design, making it more appealing and valuable to the 20 million buyers that visit each year. But, what does this mean for your business? From the process to its final outcome, there is much your business can learn from this recent change.

Know Your Customers

The process of’s drastic design change started with knowing exactly what their customers wanted. In a press release, they stated, “Based on the data Media, Inc. has collected from the millions of buyers using the site and feedback from the company’s advertising clients, the company today officially launches a new redesigned site.” So, how did they get that information?

Everyday collection: conducts over 5,000 interviews each month with their buyers; these give them real-time insights and analytics that can be used to improve their site, interactions and customer experience on the site.

  • How You Can Do It: Be sure you’re customer care team is sending questionnaires after a call and asking the right questions when they’re still on the call. This information is invaluable to your business and readily available if only you seek it out.

Stay Competitive

In this overcrowded online world, it’s imperative that you stay competitive. In a recent blog post, Tony Uphoff, CEO said, “Buyers are looking to cut through the clutter of online search and sort through the overwhelming number of vendor web sites. We’ve redesigned the entire site to enrich and simplify the process of buying products and services.” Knowing what your customers want is one thing, but to act on it is another.

What YOUR users want: made changes specifically based on how their buyers use online information right now; from seeking out the information to making the first step toward buying.

  • How You Can Do It: What are your competitors doing? What campaigns are they running? Which of their pages rank the highest? When you know what they’re doing you can do it better.

Allow Evolution to Happen

Some businesses are hesitant to allow change to happen; still warming up to the shift to social, a new design change may seem like a daunting task to consider. However, some of the biggest names online, from Facebook to Mashable, aren’t afraid to evolve as their users do. And so, it’s imperative that you welcome this necessary evolution as more people come onto the scene, bringing with them greater competition.

Take a look back: was founded in 1999 and has undergone a number of chances since. It was clear that each transformation was made at natural times of evolution; as was the most recent.

  • How You Can Do It: Take a look back, and see the changes your site/business has made. Now look ahead 5 years – what is the natural course of evolution that you see for your business?

As a business, whether big or small, it’s imperative that you welcome change it happens. Your customers are evolving each and every day, and being left behind is not an option. While big names like have a variety of resources at their hands, once you improve your ability to understand your customer and what they want from you, you too can evolve in the right direction remaining competitive and profitable.

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Bio: Jessica Sanders is the Marketing Copyeditor for, a B2B lead generation company.