Different SEO Techniques: Runet vs. USA and Western Europe

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Different SEO Techniques: Runet vs. USA and Western Europe
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular and the most efficient techniques in Internet marketing. But there are different approaches in companies from Western Europe, USA and Eastern Europe, post-Soviet countries. The point is in the different clients and SEO-optimizers perception.

For example, in Eastern Europe you can meet companies that have professional approach to SEO, but there are most popular studios with the similar techniques like cheap links and plenty of tasks that are used on for the various projects. There are opposite situation in the Western countries. They have higher level of services and rates as well. (In our article we’ll call Eastern Europe and post-Soviet countries as East, USA and Western Europe countries as the West).

Let’s figure out what the difference between the main SEO techniques. As the environment in the network is the same for every country, the decisive factor is a human.

You can’t refuse your nature

The goals: difference in approach

Nobody should forget that the final goal of SEO is to attract as more customers as it possible and to increase the profit of the client. But there are different techniques to achieve this goal.


The main goal of the most of eastern SEO optimizers is to get the high position in the network as fast as it possible. The rise is must take a place, but they don’t pay proper attention to prospective client aiming to attract as more users as they can. It makes such SEO optimizers suit black hats on. Such techniques mess the Internet.


Law-abiding western people try to achieve SEO goals without black hats. They buy links anyway, but they aim to earn white reputation. At that time clients are configured to website stability and conversion rates’ growth rather than abrupt passing result. Reputation of the company took a first place among the vendors. SEO companies provide clients with full package of services like fixed amount of the articles, links, etc. If you work in the big IT Western company you must be narrowly specialized professional making something special and improving skills frequently.


Of course SEO techniques applied are highly depended on the clients: on what they want to reach, how quickly and what price they are ready to pay for this.


Clients in the East countries aim to get high rates in fast and cheap way giving SEO companies lean resources. As a result they get the relevant quality that is provided by the grey hats.


Clients in the West are configured for quality and long-term. And the nice fact is that they are ready to pay for high quality optimization as they are aware of all the risks that can arise with cheap services.

SEO technologies: no cheating just a technique

As a marketing strategy, SEO is implemented at full capacity. The main techniques are the same: meta-tags, content, links, etc. But its implementation is a main difference between two parties.


SEO is strictly based on the keywords. So each SEO strategy should be determined and analyzed by the process of the keywords choice and placing.


Probably each of us was faced with a situation where you put a phrase into a search engine, click the first link and find nothing in there, just a trash. Spam, doorway pages, cloaking still clog up the Runet. Unfortunately it works. Of course, the search engines try to deal with this and have recently tightened the rules, but the network is still filled with black hats’ products.


Most Western specialists are more advanced in this issue; they have different goals, budgets and results as well. The website optimization is started with semantic core. As the efficient of SEO is depending on the keywords, they must match the content and set of keywords must be weighed up thoughtfully.

Link building

Let’s talk about the most popular link building strategies. We can’t say anything definitely in this question, because the clients and their requirements streamline the politic of the optimizer.


Short-term strategy – Artificial link building. The eastern specialists used to increase the link mass by unnatural but the rapid way; they buy backlinks in the market, leave spam in the comments, etc. There are many situations when the client whats you to place the website in the top five in the search engine results giving 300 dollars. It makes eastern specialists finding cunning ways to satisfy client. They use SAPE to buy temporary references and permanent links. Temporary links cause dependence of the website when permanent links are too expensive. Remember, the main issue in Eastern countries is lack of resources.


Natural Search Strategy. Western SEO optimizers use gradual link building as a main technique of website optimization. Natural links is the most important part of this strategy. You can get them only due to unique and interesting content.

Western optimizers try to earn the trust of the search engines rather than rush the positions. They prefer to gain by quality. Of course they buy links but they must be qualitative and attract prospective clients into the website. As a result they cost much more. But in prospect quality links bring more dividends than not qualitative.

Guest Blogging. This technique is used by the Europeans and Americans to provide the high level of SEO services. It is based on qualitative content that optimizers exchange for the ability to place the link on the blog.

Articles cross-posting. This is old and proved technique. But today it is not the main strategy of Western specialists. They have serious approach to bad links to their sites.

Articles exchanging, blogs, question-answer in Google Groups, Yahoo! Answers, etc. are still very popular among the professionals.

Social Media Marketing

One of the main things influencing SEO is website content. So it is also important to recognize the differences in this aspect.


Let’s talk about this seemingly little thing like content. Our copywriters are strapped for cash and therefore they hold a general policy: Faster, Cheaper, Better. Updating the site is very important in the promotion and the content must be unique as well as interesting. If you order cheap texts you’ll get the relevant quality.


In the West the approach to the content is very serious, and if the SEO-copywriter takes up the topic, he or she is provided with all the necessary information and fully cover the topic. Copywriters try not just to fill the site with content; they aim to attract clients using interesting thoughts without imposing key words. They help to increase the duration of visitors staying in the site and the rankings as a result.


Widespread opinion is that life on the Internet would be easier and cleaner without SEO. On the one hand it is true, but on the other hand, SEO exists. Someone likes it, someone doesn’t. SEO is not a science, everything is relative here. We cannot deny that SEO is an integral part of Internet life, it’s widely used. Even if you have very useful and cool site you will score away for a long time without its promotion in search engines. SEO, as technique of the marketing, should be improved using new methods, adopting the experience of western colleagues to get to the next level. Runet will remain a dumping ground without this improvement and you’ll have finding something useful among piles of garbage.

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