Does Virtual Reality Hide Any Dangers?

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 26, 2015

Does Virtual Reality Hide Any Dangers?
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Now that many virtual reality head sets and especially the newcomer that made a lot of noise, Microsoft’s HoloLens have emerged a lot of potential is being awakened. Imagine all the possibilities and connections you may gain from while being in a virtual reality surrounding. One may travel to different places like Paris or Rome or even Mars or Middle-earth. New gaming possibilities and innovations at work places. New designs. A new look at all available tech. But is all that glory worth the effort? May there be dangers hiding in these new revolutionary devices people have been dreaming of for decades?

Potential dangers!

Note that all written above is clearly hypothetical and may be simply paranoia caused with all the frights books and movies planted within many of us. The mind is cheering for progress yet there are still several pieces that are frightening. May be only its due they have never been explored before? Or may be…

  • Time spent in virtual reality. When you are wearing new Oculus or Microsoft or whatever else gear you are all inside the new world of possibilities with different new laws of physics and surroundings? Does time flow the same way in it? Many scientists believe people may lose their sense of time while playing a fascinating video game. If you can spend a night by your PC slaying dragons without noticing you are late for work what can be said about you being placed inside that game?
  • The Matrix scenario. Surely we are aware the difference between reality and ‘virtuality’. Or do we? Nor will we be as clear with the difference when wearing such gear for a certain period of time? Are we sure our mind is capable of comprehending all that?
  • How will your body react to an environment it can see but not smell or feel? Will you be dazzled? Will your body be surprised with a world that may only be heard and seen?
  • The worst case possible. Simply what if you will not want to leave the new world?

Although such threats seem to be real it is quite obvious that we have nothing to worry about hence the devices have surely been tested and the scariest part of them will be their price. We are a breed that is always open to innovations and may adapt to any conditions so what really matters to us, the IT community is that we all are to be prepared to actually deliver more and more to this world. New devices open a new era of applications, software, hardware and ideas users may gain from. Are you up to the challenge?

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