DotNetOpenAuth endorses to the Outercurve steadfast

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 18, 2011

DotNetOpenAuth endorses to the Outercurve steadfast
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Today DotNetOpenAuth, that is developed by Andrew Arnott, was added to the Outercurve Foundation’s ASP.NET gallery. That is a free open-source project, community-based library of authorization protocols and authentication standard-based, deployed in Web applications and websites for .NET developers and others.

The project is stored on SourceForge and will keep on be maintaining and hosting by the DotNetOpenAuth community and Andrew Arnott. According to technical director at Outercurve, Stephen Walli, Outercurve will offer IT support where required together with a bigger community. It is a not-for-profit foundation whish hosts 3 galleries and 12 projects, along with DotNetOpenAuth beign 6 in the ASP.NET gallery.

Walli said that Andrew assigned the copyright to them and they manage the software intellectual property. They will provide services and assist him to raise the project and improve the community’s growth. He said this adding that now commercial interests are much more likely to be involved with the project that it has been adopted by the foundation.

Walli also explained that that is initially the way software foundations came to be built, as for instance Apache in the late 1990s. He added that commercial companies are frequently anxious about working with projects which are maintained by individuals because individuals can’t provide assurance that the work will not contribute to a success of competitors, something majority of vendors do not wish to do.

Wailli stated that mobile vendors will possibly be the first to glance at the project, as that is the place where is happening much of the growth in the tech industry, especially with security.

As Walli said the Web is maturing, and finally they are hitting the next wave andDotNetOpenAuth is actually timely. They are just stepping into a new space, along with Saas offerings and projects, and to incorporate these authentication and authorization is an incredible opportunity for the ASP.NET world.

The executive director of Outecurve, Paula Hunter, said that the project was introduced to the foundation 2 weeks ago. Outercurve does not possess a classical incubation stage, in place gallery managers find, present and vet the projects to the board. Bradley Millington said that Hunter, the ASP.NET gallery’s manager, has made well in “spreading the word in the .NET open-source community” to draw new committers and contributors, that is as he recruited Arnott and his DotNetOpenAuth project and community.