Drive Social Media to Business Limits and Beyond!

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on April 17, 2015

Drive Social Media to Business Limits and Beyond!
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Software development, as any other industry thirsts for proper usage of social media as a great tool of achieving numerous goals. What may a smart man gain from appropriate social media usage?

  • Social media is your window to today’s world. Everybody is on it including your business partners, associates, potential candidates, friends and even competitors. Social media platforms do pay an enormous role in development researches as allow you to find out what your potential customers may be expecting and are even showing how other companies are handling business in their own territories. This will get you knowledge of who may become your partner or how to conduct business in a proper manner. So Social Media should be one of your windows into the world.
  • How do you gain respect and additional trust? Share high-quality content related to your area of interest in social media. Highlight your successes, tell people how you have overcome difficulties, provide provoking content that catches attention and catches attention.
  • Twitter differs from Facebook and LinkedIn differs from Google+. Same content, same ideas and campaigns will not work everywhere. Always consider how and why are people using this or that particular social platform and adjust your approach according to that knowledge. Twitter for example is great for fast and furious campaigns that are not overloaded with content and info while Facebook is the best place for something long-term or a display of who you actually are rather that what you have for sale.
  • A nice trick you can do. Before contacting any potential client or partner check if your employees or teammates are already connected to that person. We are working in a really tight industry where everybody knows everybody. Such a worker of yours may be used as a great bridge to overcome the communication gap and melt the first impression ice.

These are but a few of tips worth paying much attention to and I will surely write more soon if you have loved this article. Feel free to share in comments!