DrupalCon London 2011

DrupalCon London 2011

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QArea Team
QArea Team
September 1, 2011
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On 22-26 August, 2011 software development company QArea have visited DrupalCon London Conference.

DrupalCon conference is a global event that throws together the people who create, utilize, design and provide support to the Drupal platform. The event underlines content from the brightest minds and the most significant people within Drupal community as well as out of it, furthermore endless opportunities for networking, code sprints and more.

 The DrupalCon London Team schedule includes 60 sessions which were balanced across 5 tracks: Code & Coders, Environment Set-up Site Building, Ecosystem and UX & Theming Business and Best Practices.

The Drupal developers from QArea also visited great pre-conference training workshops and training that took place on 22 august 2011.

The DrupalCon London keynotes involves the next topics:

  • Drupal Powered E-commerce
  • Aegir Hosting System: Deep Dive
  • Making the Switch to Drupal: The Developer’s View
  • jQuery for Drupal
  • Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Drupal
  • Advanced Configuration with Page Manager, Views, Flag and Rules
  • Drupal Performance and Scalability
  • Building Modules for Drupal 7
  • Open Space on Drupal Education

During the DrupalCon Conference QArea developers had an opportunity to be engaged in interactive discussions, collaborate with colleagues and know best practices from the outstanding Drupal experts.

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