Earning Big Money? I Can, I Do, I Love To

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 14, 2014

Earning Big Money? I Can, I Do, I Love To
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Fast luxury rides, fabulous penthouses with exquisite pool parties. All of this is ridiculously expensive and hard to afford for mere mortals. But then there are IT top executives. They do have a couple more zeroes in their pay checks, but is it all fun and play? I don’t think so. You see, successful companies don’t make everybody with beautiful eyes and a kind smile a CIO. But, then again – nobody’s forbidden a little bit of envy in the evening, so let’s make a short review of the top paid IT executives.

  • Let’s begin with MySQL DBA with an average pay check of $120.000-130.000 a year.  What is MySQL? A system for operating and managing big data bases via open code. It was designed as alternative to other commercial systems. And the DBA is the data base administrator and supervising all those amounts of information is not a walk on the beach on a bright summer day.
  • The next on our wealthy list would be the IS Security Manager. He takes home about $120.00 – 160.00 in one year. I’m not going to explain of how great value is decent security nowadays. Especially information security.
  • Number three is a VP engineering/infrastructure. These lucky rascals are earning the $120.000-165.000. As well as some network architects. Not a dream job either unless you have a very special mindset – the only way to be good with these vacations.
  • These fellers are followed with IT VP’s and directors. Now we are starting to talk big. The impressive $140.000-165.000. So we are getting closer to a perfect IT pay check, although some would wish to stay here. And I understand why. The perfect combination of possible risk and salary. Only the boldest, stubborn workaholics would enjoy going further.
  • So we are now going personal helicopter stuff. Just kidding. Get ready for the Application Architect with his impressive $150.000-170.000. But we can give him a break, since his hard work is – apps, over and over. How they interact with people, how people relate to them, then again the basis of business requirements and lots more work. I don’t think these fellers have time to pet a kitten, not mentioning all the parties and stuff.
  • And we are almost at the finish line. The next top executive is like a modern James Bond, except for the gadgets and Bond-girls. He knows when you had your morning cappuccino, and that the Starbucks guy forgot you wanted decaf. And, of course, his efforts are worth the paycheck. Please welcome the Chief Security Officer with his $150.000-200.000 a year.
  • And now we are with our loved and respected CIO/CTO’s. No point explaining their importance in the world of software development as well as in the business world. Now they are proud to get their deserved $160.000-230.000.

And never forget that you can be one of them if you are lucky, smart, determined and a tiny little bit suicidal.