Major Cool Stuff: Easter Eggs In Various Software

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 20, 2014

Major Cool Stuff: Easter Eggs In Various Software
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Software may be as proud with the amount of Easter eggs as any other field of development like video games, etc. There are dozens of cool features and tricks looking out there for you to find them and enjoy your day getting a bit better. While most will be left for you to discover the team has decided to make a nice list of the coolest eggs in software that are relatively well known but still are kicking fire!

Let’s begin with what Google has to offer!

We’ll skip the part of Google’s funny (?) April Fool’s Day jokes as they are something specific which takes a certain mindset to enjoy. And we will be moving on to the common reason of you using Google’s search on a daily basis. What are you doing with it most of the time? Right, spellchecking! The ‘did you mean’ part is an epic assistant when you are about to use an uncommon word and are not too sure with its spelling. Yet you may be getting surprising results with some key words like:

  • Recursion. The word means a process that is constantly going over and over. Thus you will be getting a ‘Did you mean: recursion’ allowing the process to go over again after you are clicking on it. Thus we might see the Perpetuum Mobile if there will be enough people without anything better to do than just clicking on the highlighted word.
  • We are all aware of the calculator feature Google offers. But what may that feature share with the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ movie? Try typing in ‘answer to life, the universe, and everything’ inside the search bar and you will get the answer.
  • Looking for a bit of the famous Holiday spirit? Go straight to typing right inside Google’s search bar key words like Christmas, Hanukkah or even Kwanza and Festivus. Go get some Christmas Spirit even if it’s July.
  • And if you’ve been a tiny bit too intense on alcohol while celebrating Google does know how you feel after you are typing ‘askew’ in.
  • Or Google’s capable of some tricks. Just tell it to do a barrel roll and it will! Nice!


Some sites and products are offering you fun that is a bit more interactive. Let’s say:

  • YouTube. Bored of waiting while your video is loading and are looking for a bit of hardcore retro? Then a nice game of snake is just the thing for you. Try it. Open any YouTube video you desire and simply hold the left arrow key while pressing the up key at the same moment and you are into several hours of entertainment. Trust me, you’ll dig into it. There are even people uploading videos that are nothing but black and are insanely long just for the comfort of playing this nice game.
  • If you are looking for more old-school Snake experiences and your good old Nokia phone is somewhere around year 2000 your Mac will kindly assist you with such a desire. Just open the Terminal Application and type emacs. After those actions you are to simply press X and Esc at the very same time. Typing in the word snake will do the rest of the magic. The word ‘snake’ may though be replaced with ‘tetris’ and guess what? More gameplay with the cared game from childhood. Want some Pong to play? You already know how things work around here.
  • Your Mac is even capable of Psychoanalysis. Mac Terminal has one more awesome feature you were probably not aware of. It allows your Mac to become your shrink and to psychoanalyze you to the bones. This time after pressing X and Esc at the same moment you are to type in the word The message you will see next will encourage you to type your problem in and thus you are beginning your therapy for free (as much as Mac may be considered free). Nice, huh?

Although this article was not too educational about IT in general or development processes or cloud computing it has some value, as entertainment is a crucial part of every single day at work. All work and no play makes IT-professionals crazy enough to include stuff like an own psychiatrist in their software and you don’t want that to happen to you, right?