E-Learning Apps: The Right Way of Treating Users

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on April 8, 2015

E-Learning Apps: The Right Way of Treating Users
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E-Learning applications are gaining tremendous popularity today because they are actually allowing all kinds of people to study whatever they want on the go. This functionality does seem truly amazing however how come some apps more popular than others are and why are there still enormous amounts of unfinished courses? The answer to both these questions is one: you do not value your student’s time and perhaps that is the reason your app is not too popular in the market.

There have been many pieces of research stating multiple things people hate e-learning apps for. You can easily go ahead and ask your friends or family and you will be surprised all answers are pretty much the same. People hate their time is wasted on useless things or they are being redirected to other places and most importantly people are simply bored studying raw chunks of texts you are sending them as some kind of a learning program. If people wanted to read a book they would have never required your services in the first place.

One more aspect that pours more oil into the fire is that many people are not studying willingly and are rather forced to attend these or those courses to achieve some personal goals. Their attention is not around your app from the start however they also need to finish their studies, right? How can you help?

  • What should your course teach? What is your app’s purpose? Full realization of answers to these questions will give you the ability of not wasting resources. If we are dealing with a course you require to build in your app that is not really long and is just designed to highlight some aspects of a particular matter it can be a simple and neat tap-through thing. Surely it is not as engaging and entertaining as it can be but, then again, why should it be? This approach will allow your users to go through the basics they require in a manner that is fast and barely distracting. Surely there are various advocates of sound and visual effects, interactive elements and etc. however those are doing great when in their place. Otherwise they will demand time, resources and development and why invest in something that will not deliver value?
  • The next important thing of any educational app is keeping users in focus. Too much information may be distracting or even frustrating. Large chunks of text on a small screen are actual motivation and attention killers.
  • Every single course within your app has a goal and an objective. Make sure it is focused on it and all the content it has inside needs to meet that objective. If any piece of content is not an actual necessity it simply does not deserve its place in a course that will be displayed on a smartphone screen. It’s not that additional content is bad, it’s just distracting and by your desire to teach more you are actually making people learn less.
  • If your course is a little bit larger than some introduction or better is a guide or a walkthrough it’s time for sound and motion. Try making such courses as interactive as possible. Add features allowing learners to choose from options. Some will be wrong and will lead learners nowhere or back a few steps and the right picks will allow people to advance in the process.

Despite simplicity, these few tips have actually improved many e-learning apps and are helping and encouraging people to learn more! If you have any of your own ideas feel free to share them in the comments section or contact us directly through the contact us page.