Facebook Application Development: Its Facilities and Prospects

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

Facebook Application Development: Its Facilities and Prospects
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Facebook as the Most Leading Social Networking Website

Facebook proves to be the most demanded social network website in the Internet. Facebook possesses the largest social network amid the millions of students, friends, professionals and nearly all age groups. Facebook applications are developed to increase the interactions and promote the brand. Facebook is not just feeding social groups but there are also business groups, as, for instance, online businessmen who search for different technique for their business promotion. Today multitude of the businesses are deploying Facebook applications for the business promotion.

For Facebook application development as a very common practice is deployed such popular server-side programming languages as ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and more others that are hosted on the own server of developers. To develop the Facebook applications is enough smart work it includes utilizing of data stored in Facebook as well as photos and there are also some considerable tasks of the developers as for example sending invitations and notifications from within application, updating the user’s profile and creating the control panels.

Facebook application development is rather diverse work it requires creative skills with some other things that are distinct from creating the traditional applications. Developing, configuring and creating an application on the Facebook platform need different processes, smartly working with FBML (Facebook markup language), technical-non technical tricks, optimal deployment of community-supported bug-tracker and wiki, working with the Facebook Query Language (FQL), smart integration of scheduled and automated tasks and producing efficient strategies for creating customized features for applications.

Grow your business through Facebook Application Development

For every business to flourish and produce revenue the most significant factor is a large client base. But the ratio between profit and customer is directly proportional as growth in customer number guarantees a considerable profit margin. Majority of business enterprises are doing their best to make a large user base and within the process are profiting from each possible marketing tool to remain a step ahead of their competitors. In this process the up-to-date strategy accepted by business companies is to take advantages of social of social media marketing and any social media sites, whereby the winner is Facebook. It is a social networking site possessing all the elements to improve its lure for every business company searching for a successful future and the most leading appears “Facebook application development”.

The way Facebook application development helps your online business

The most outstanding aspect of this feature is to attract a new client base. By every application managing different property, users become drawn to aspects that are useful for them and consequently log onto it. There are countless applications that are associated with facebook and there is always something up-to-date for every user, consequently any user of Facebook can profit of this or that.

The other probable aspect is keep in contact with the old clients. For every company novelty is significantly important to retain the interest of the present client base. So if the customer doesn’t manage to solve any innovative development over period, in that case he or she may loose interest to this enterprise and shift to an up-to-date venture. Henceforward, any modern application development attracts attention of the customer to their product and shows progressive vision.

The next attractive feature is variety and multiplicity of facebook application development going handy for the business companies. Every application possesses its own characteristic value in such a way promoting their services or products by their own way. It arrives as value addition to their merchandize because it is an exact measure for lure clients.

Important to know

Now Facebook is growing rapidly. The number of Facebook users is rising in thousands and millions. Thus signifying that owners of Facebook apps obtain increasingly more possible users each passing day.

But there is also a reverse side: owing to Facebook fast evolution tools for the application development – Facebook Application Programming Interface (API) is changing rather often as well. Developers, designers and owners should track these new features as they may affect functionality, operability and appearance of running applications.

  • Before start planning a Facebook application you should be certain of that you have read Facebook Developer Principles and Policies and Facebook Privacy Policy. It contains lists of limitations which should be taken into consideration when developing and designing Facebook application. In case your application doesn’t comply with them, the Facebook team can refuse in approving it for employing on Facebook.
  • To be aware of the forthcoming changes and foreknow corresponding modifications of your application beforehand read Facebook Developers Roadmap.

The documents mentioned are just for you and outsourcing developers to read and learn just remember that Facebook has some internal rules and constraints that may change with time and your Facebook application has to follow them.

How to make successful Facebook Applications

Design is of great importance for success of Facebook application. To provide nice look and feel of your Facebook application take into consideration the next points.

  • Design should be intuitive, user-friendly and to some extent of playing style, as Facebook applications are by the nature entertaining. This extent is up to your application niche.
  • Design has to be an inalienable part of a common app concept and deliver feelings and ideas behind it.
  • Design can set some restrictions on a Facebook applications and consequently result problems while programming the application and later while adding new features. As a consequence a Facebook application design might be simple and flexible enough to reflect this steady Facebook growth.
  • Design should be viral and social-networking and provide a user with a supporting environment to communicate with other users. It is important that your design encourage people to socialize and send invitations, help people to express themselves and show the application to others saying “Wow, look at this app!”.
  • Keep in mind that potential users get spoilt by multitude already running applications rivalling their attention. Thus analyze your rivalry to determine what and why has success and how it may be conquered.

The Significance of Facebook Platform

Thanks to the Facebook Platform which provides a set of APIs and tools, 3d party developers may integrate with the open graph: through apps on Facebook.com or external devices and websites.

Facebook Platform was launched on May 24, 2007 and evolved from development only on facebook.com to support of integration across the devices and the web.

The Statistics of Facebook Platform of May 2010:

  • More than 550, 000 active applications on Facebook Platform
  • More than 1 000 000 entrepreneurs and developers from over 180 countries
  • Monthly, more than 70% of Facebook users deploy Platform apps
  • More than 100 000 000 of Facebook users deploy Facebook on external websites monthly
  • More than 250, 000 websites were integrated with Facebook Platform

So 3d party developers provide app metrics and some blogs have shot up in reply to the clamour for Facebook apps. On July 4, 2007, the company Altura Ventures declared that the “Altura 1 Facebook Investment Fund” has become the first Facebook – only venture capital firm in the world.

Notably, among all the applications and alternative tools, Facebook supplies with an impressive range of features without even leaving the nest. Owing to Facebook that has taken the Internet by storm, social media has been turning into darling of the Internet and moreover social marketing as the new brass get everybody is reaching for. For all its recent attention and press, social media is still something of a paradox or conundrum even to the niche. Meanwhile majority believe that there is real wealth in social media and especially in Facebook applications.

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