Meet Facebook application for online haters: EnemyGraph

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 5, 2012

Meet Facebook application for online haters: EnemyGraph
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We are happy to announce that Facebook software developers have prepared a nice surprise for users, which fed up with “friends” and “likes”. Its name is EnemyGraph and it will allow you to express your inner hater to certain users or public pages (special type of accounts for public persons, companies and brands).

Facebook application EnemyGraph was created by two students from the University of Texas. Dean Terry, the director of the program, Bradley Griffith, a graduate student, and Harrison Massey, a student at UT Dallas, was working together to develop the application. It has been used already by over four thousand of Facebook users. Developers are confident that their tool can help marketers to track dislikes of social network users.

Certainly! For what to make boundaries for your hatred if there’s a whole Facebook in your hands to hate it?

The application covers places, things, images and people by all means. During testing, q-tips and triangles were trending, along with music groups, politicians, religious organizations and even math.

One of the developers have said about the project:

“Imposed decency of culture – is one of the things strucking me all the time. We wanted to give people the opportunity to express dissonance” — said one of the developers.

“We use the word “enemy”in the same sense that Facebook uses the word ” friend”,”- said Harrison Massey. In their view, a new application will allow a more complete picture of the social network of users’ preferences.

After installation EnemyGraph, user “can choose ‘enemies’ from both their existing friends list as well as from a list of other users of the application.

There’s only one question about that application: “Isn’t that will be better just unfriend someone instead of “enemying”?” We will get to know wouldn’t that lead to some awful changes on your wall pretty soon?