Facebook Marketing Tricks that Will Make Your Account Pure Goldmine

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 30, 2014

Facebook Marketing Tricks that Will Make Your Account Pure Goldmine
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Starting Simple

Any part of any science (and marketing is a complicated science) has its basics. The ones you should start from as a beginner. The same is what we will be starting off with this post and we will be going deeper and deeper into the dark woods of Facebook. Let’s start with some questions you need to have answers to:

  • What are your campaign objectives?
  • What are the advertising formats you will be using?
  • What are the costs you are willing to spend on Facebook advertising?

After we are done with this particular step we may go on further into making lots of money with Facebook.

Do I want likes? Or more user engagement? Or what is it that I want?

Let’s deal with the goals you are establishing per one campaign. What are the main objectives of it? Will you be requiring more Facebook likes or website visits or whatever your goal is you are to be certain of it before beginning your marketing. All of those metrics have a value of their own. And those metrics are what you will be working with when achieving the ad goals.

If you are not too sure with the particular goals Facebook advices (sure they do, they are gaining as much as you are with this) you to begin with gathering some page likes. Thus you will be actually able of gaining quite the audience while moving in that direction thus it may become easier to choose later on. You have more Likes, you are more popular (or at least you look more popular) and people will be more encouraged to like you as you have lots of likes already. There goes the domino effect. This approach is way better than mere purchase of followers.

Facebook Offers are definitely worth a shot

Facebook offers are quite similar to the ones of Google and are working by practically the same principals. They are allowing you to promote your goods to Facebook users only (that ain’t so bad as pretty much everybody has an account there). Offers are your tools here. Give something away as people love those kind of activities. Yet give it away with a purpose, like receiving e-mails, etc. Create some interesting offers of discounts of any kinds and begin with your local audience of fans. See how it all is working out, then, if all is well, spread your nets to a bigger audience.

Never forget of promoting your app

More than a half of all the fun stuff on Facebook comes from users with mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are what users prefer nowadays rather than PC’s and laptops. Thus be sure to have an app in the first place and to make people notice it on your Facebook account as the second major activity of your profile.

Several tiny tips you are not to neglect

  • Your call-to-action has to be precise, clear and direct. Place it in the body of your Facebook paid ad. Users have to be encouraged to do what you wish them to.
  • You have special deals or discounts or updates? Use Facebook ads to highlight them. Let users know about what new stuff is going on with you.
  • You don’t want a new Facebook profile for some new advertising? OK, use the Clicks to Website or the Websites Conversations objective. And you will be quite able of creating ads for websites that are not connected to Facebook accounts. Note that those ads will not appear in the news feed. They are exclusive for right columns only.
  • Headlines are important as they are what users are making their impressions of the ad. They have to be catchy and well customized. Your ads headline will be the same of your pages title by default. But why leave it be if you can be creative and customize it to meet more of your goals? Be creative!
  • Activate Sponsored Stories as add-ons. There will be lots of people interacting with your FB page, event, whatever. That action will trigger a ‘story’ that will appear in their News Feed. Although it increases advertising as it is, those stories are often simply lost there amongst all the kittens. And opting for sponsored stories will give them more chances to be seen by other people.
  • Remember you might have multiple goals achieved with FB marketing. You can promote practically anything from a page to an event thus don’t get centered on one thing. Satisfy all your marketing needs.

Making it all personal via visualization

Images are mighty. And image, if properly designed, has the potential of changing the world as it is, becoming the symbol of some activity or happening. History is full of such examples: swastika, dove, red cross, half-bitten apple etc. If you are seeing those you are thinking of one precise happening. How’s your ad worse? And, as with everything else, we have tips prepared for you to achieve that goal:

  • Bright, colorful, wild, crazy, all that and more is what people are preferring to see on FB. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads with bright or whatever pictures are proven to be more effective than ads without any visualization whatsoever.
  • Multiple images are better than just one in ads. Adding some extra images will allow you with some basic A/B testing and you will know which pic is doing better with your ad. And there will be no extra cost for the total maximum of 6 images uploaded to your ad.
  • Too much text on your ad’s image is not too good. Researches show that users prefer less than 20% text on their image-based FB ads. FB even has a special tool that will assist you in knowing how much text is there on your ad.
  • 1200×627 is the FB recommended image size. Sure every single one has to be dealt with personally, yet it should not be less than 600 pixels wide if you want it to look appealing in a person’s News Feed.

What about targeting?

FB grants you unlimited targeting possibilities as there is so much data on your potential customers there. That means your message may be as precise as a bullet. And with the same killing potential (in the best meaning of the “killing” word). How to make your campaign even better?

  • Facebook’s paid ads is something unique and they have colossal potential for any marketer. Age, gender, location, language, relationship status, work, whatever. It is all there for your sniper shooting.
  • As an addition to the mentioned above you will have some of FB’s most magical interest targeting magic. This is of amazing value as you know who is already interested in your goods-&-services. That means less work and more profit.
  • Chose who to target. If you want all to go smooth you’ll have two options. Whether to work with people that are already connected to your page or to work with their friends and other not yet connected users. Note that extending your reach has to be well planned as it seems more expensive and reduces your current audience’s relevance.
  • Never neglect your audience meter. Keep an open eye on it at least from time to time. The data provided may help you with making the right decisions on the further course of your marketing program.
  • More categories means an even more marrow target audience slice. Which means more people with desires and goals that are similar to yours or will be working for your benefit. Congratulate them on their Birthdays, etc. that will also make some nice User Experience.
  • Target the people living in appropriate neighborhoods actually visiting your shop or office. Use some FB offers for them to be more encouraged.

Some other tips that may help and are not falling to any category

  • People love contests. Host one for more user engagement.
  • Use YouTube and other related or off-topic videos as they are bringing crazy traffic. Make a viral commercial if possible.
  • Short posts are better. People don’t like to read too much about one thing when there is so much cool stuff going on in FB.
  • Change your cover photo from time to time. The same things are becoming boring over time. Plus there are multiple reasons to experiment like Halloween or Christmas, etc.
  • Post some stuff often. Regardless of its main idea. Some jokes or kitten picks or fun facts are doing great. Keep your users engaged and interested with yourself.
  • #Hashtag stuff often.
  • Ask your users questions. Let them know they are relevant to you and you will be even more User-Friendly.
  • Be in trend. Use popular mems, participate in various ‘ice-bucket-challenges’, love what users love, do what users do.

Result: SEO went way easier than usually, plus all the goods you are offering are sold out =)

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