Is Facebook Really Desperate For New Markets?

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on July 20, 2015

Is Facebook Really Desperate For New Markets?
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Facebook is a giant that may be considered one of internet’s dinosaurs today. Surely it has went through vast changes since it was originally released transforming into something we have now. Some people managed to get tired from Facebook and even call it boring. Luckily people behind Facebook are really smart (how else could it be?) and they listen to feedback. They also have a plan “B”. And a plan “C” as perhaps a plan for any known letter and digit.

A big mall inside Facebook

Team Facebook is constantly working to enlarge engagement of their users. Virtual readily goggles, 3-D videos and other updates are being added along with other breathtaking functionality but is it enough?

Ad dollars are always welcome within Facebook but it’s getting harder to gain actual conversions nowadays as users get more savvy, amount of schemes grows exponentially and frankly the society is already tried from spamy, polluted timelines. It’s time to play the big cards. Facebooks largest asset is a large, enormous even community of followers. So why not play the Amazon game for a while?

This way business pages that already exist on Facebook will be transformed into actual e-commerce platforms. Any retailer will be granted with functionality required to sell products directly through Facebook without any required third parties or additional websites and platforms.

But not all is gold that glitters. Sure businesses will have a large target audience and all other useful features Facebook offers but such e-commerce pages will rely on FB’s algorithms so will basically be at their mercy. Baying ads will not be an option, it will be a necessity. However, despite all these complexities such a step is brilliant. It improves profits and does actual magic to both user engagement and overall friendliness as people will not have to leave their page to find a new hat r a pair of jeans. As an addition such e-commerce pages will gain of social media’s full potential.

Step two: their own Siri

Digital assistants are mainstream today. People love them, people use them and even enjoy the process. Thus Facebook messenger app will be integrated with one shortly. However, Facebooks Moneypenny will be powered by actual people that will help in researches and orders and other interesting activities. This may be a valuable asset as human minds will manage requests better that software relatively close to AI. Thus better levels of both understanding and security will be achieved. Combine that with e-commerce and you will receive a perfect shopping experience where you only must say the word and voila, your new purchase’s being shipped to you. And such an approach opens new possibilities for SEM services as well.

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