17 Fun and Random Facts from the IT Industry

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 24, 2015

17 Fun and Random Facts from the IT Industry
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I’ve heard you love fun facts! Well, here are the best of that is somewhat related to Information technology and science. If you are a tech-savvy geek you will have as much fun reading through them and learning something new as I did while researching materials for this post.

Here we go!

1. Email is quite older than the World Wide Web.

2. Your fingers travel more than 12 miles on an average working day by typing.

3. eBay can be proud with an average deal rate of $680 per every second!

4. Hewlett Packard was started at a garage. Do you know which other companies share these roots? Microsoft, Apple and Google. All began from a couple of motivated guys in one garage.

5. Bill Gates’ own house was designed on, guess what, on a Mac PC.

6. You, as any average user blink 7 times less while at the computer. By the way, normal rate should be somewhere around 20 times per minute.

7. The very first computer mouse, invented by Doug Engelbart wasn’t made of plastic or metal or anything of that sort. It was carved from wood.

8. The “QWERTY” keyboard we are so used to is considered effective for typing purposes, right? Well, DVORAK keyboard was proven to be at least 20 times faster. Nice?

9. The very first banner ad was used in the seemingly close, yet insanely far 1994.

10. One out of every eight marriages in the US was held by couples who’ve met online.

11. First PC was called “Simon” by Berkley Enterprises and was worth $300 which was a whole load of money in 1950, the year this PC was released into market.

12. Original name of the Windows OS was “Interface manager”.

13. Is one gigabyte a lot? Well, the firs 1 GB hard drive was announced in 1980, with a price tag of $40.000 and had an impressive weight of 550 pounds.

14. It was Apple who can be claimed responsible for popularization of the laser printer.

15. GPS navigators in cars may seem like a new achievement of technology, however a familiar system was available far back, in 1985. It was named ETAL Navigator and worked by using a computer with a pre-installed dead reckoning program for navigation purposes.

16. Intel primarily were designing 4004, their first microprocessor for a calculator with no idea whatsoever where this breakthrough will lead.

17. Computers were called as nothing else, but “Electronic Brains” in 1950s.

Have you enjoyed the list? Perhaps you have some fun facts to share?

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