Fashion beyond passion. Technology taking over, aesthetics rising to the next level

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 21, 2014

Fashion beyond passion. Technology taking over, aesthetics rising to the next level
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The facts

Fashion is no longer the attribute of style, as an important merger has happened in our fast moving, fast growing, fast everything world.

Fashion has become an attribute of high technology nowadays and we’re rather confused about the way things go. To state that, we all know that fashion is something pretty much defined by individualism, by a very intimate and personal attitude, so what do some solar chargers or wires that lit our bodies have to do with attitude? We’re still trying to find a decent answer for the matter, as we don’t want to believe the ruthless truth, about us becoming some kind of humanized robots, connected through synthetic devices to something like The Brave New World, encompassed entirely inside our mobile phones, laptops or saint god of technology knows what other devices.

So, it seems that the technological craze we are living into ever since the Nokia Cityman, has taken over the clearest areas in our lives, areas that should belong to individuality at its core, which means a rather untouched-by-science display of human vision.

Well, maybe that’s for the more old-school- classic view of the world lovers, and there aren’t many of us left.


The great merger – overview

Back to our topic and considering a more optimistic approach, technology in fashion will make things easier and more natural for us. Charging your mobile phone just by placing it inside your trousers’ pocket, equipped with a minimalistic

and efficient charger, will take some worries off your shoulders. Also, thinking that you can pump up the power of your cellphone just by sunbathing a bit with your high end avant-garde coat on, may sound pretty exciting. Wearable technology makes its decent way to user needs and raises interest among every one of us, as we’re experiencing an evolutionary leap in both fields, fashion and tech.

The future

Rumor has it that in the future our clothes will replace our devices. We will be able to act like some kind of holographic technical alter-egos, with social media alerts making our thighs move and directing second life projections of the virtual universe we’re living in, without any touch of a button.

“The textile will be the electronic device” says Juan Hinestroza, from Cornell University, the highest developers for wearable technology. We dare to translate that into: everything analogue, organic, will be modified, upgraded and molded based on our vision upon it. So, nature and natural are two concepts that will be modified based on our visions upon them. But even if it is quite cool to wear some kind of fashionista minimalistic robot armor coat which displays the statuses on our Facebook wall or our Pinterest uploads, will there still be an “I” beyond all that, hidden underneath? With even our clothes connected to something that is practically virtual, will we still be connected to ourselves?

The future looks like cyborgs in terms of fashion and like Google Glass in terms of accessories. Overall, it looks quite provocative. Technology and fashion are planning to marry at least for a while, and bring to life the Messiah of practical esthetics.

Until then, we are expecting this trend to grow fast, as we, humans, have this super power to absorb everything new and not question much about it. IC Tomorrow, a Technology Strategy Board Programme, has launched a £120,000 competition to encourage entrants to create prototypes that merge digital technologies and fashion, while EU-funded Light.Touch.Matters challenges designers and scientists to work in unison to create prototypes from touch sensitive piezo plastics where “the product becomes the interface”.