Features of Android 4.2 You Should Definitely Try

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 25, 2013

Features of Android 4.2 You Should Definitely Try
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Features of Android 4.2 It took a long time, but finally Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus phone got Android 4.2.

After the upgrade Big Red will provide all Galaxy Nexus owners with Android 4.2.2 gradually over several weeks. Users will receive a notification on their phones when they can supply their device with upgraded OS.

So what are these new features added by Android 4.2 to your phone?

Below you will find four features that are worth trying after installing a new operating system.

1. Lock Screen Widgets

DashClock Lock Screen Widget

One main feature of this new OS is that users can now place necessary programs on device’s lock screen. Now you should not unlock your phone to gain access to the programs. It is convenient because you put only those programs there, which you want to see at once, and those you consider private, stay within your device’s security gate.

DashClock is a very useful and convenient lock screen widget. It displays the time and date by default, but you can also add weather, unread email, missed calls, and several other options here. Using this application you can also see the number of unread tweets and articles. In general, this solution is an ideal decision for your Android device’s lock screen.

2. Quick Settings

Quick Settings on Android 4.2.2

Now you can get access to Quick settings just from notification pulldown of your device. In the right corner on the top of the screen there is also an icon, which will lead you to Quick Settings. Or the most specific way to get to it is swiping downward with 2 fingers.

3. Photo Sphere

Photo Sphere Android 4.2

Android 4.2 provides you a unique ability to take 360-degree photos using your phone’s camera. To see your friends’ amazed faces first tap the camera icon on your phone’s screen, then the icon looking as a globe and just follow the instructions.

4. Daydream

Daydream Android 4.2

With Daydream your device will display cognitive and useful information when your phone is idle or docked. It can be the Google Currents latest news, your personal photos and so on.

These were the main features of new Android OS, but there are still a lot of novelties for you to explore.