First Steps To Designing Addictive Social Networks

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on May 12, 2015

First Steps To Designing Addictive Social Networks
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Social networks, huh? A great choice indeed. Users love social media. Did you ever consider that if Facebook was a country it would be the most populated one in the world with 1.39 billion of users versus 1.36 people that are the population of China! That has to mean something, right?

Why would you ever want a social network, considering the market is dominated and it’s hard as hell to get a decent user base?

  1. The market is always open for great solutions. People want more and have already jumped to twitter, Instagram or whatever else from Facebook. They are not forced to choose one, they can use all and that is delightful. So if people responsible for twitter could do it, why can’t you?
  2. It’s amazing for branding and deeper customer reach. Websites are essential, they are great and all but just think about it: all of your competitors already have websites. And how many of them have themed social networks that will be of interest to your target audience?
  3. Your social network will be tailored in the way you wish to see it. Every slightest pixel will be in its place and you can deliver extra value to people and make extra dollars at the very same time. Isn’t this the best deal ever?

We are not all Zuckerberg!

Surely you will not create another Facebook, nor should you. Why would anybody do such a thoughtless thing if the world is overfilled with amazing ideas? Facebook is and will remain the only Facebook. No one will be able to change this fact. You can have a social network for apple lovers developed if you represent a company that produces and sells apple juice. Imagine the global customer reach! Not mentioning all kinds of social networks and communities for people with special needs like former drug addicts that require 24/7 support or people with Limes disease or anything else you may come up with.

Determine any group of individuals your Target Audience belongs to and invent a solution just for them. And it will work if everything will be done wisely. Even Facebook was just a tool of sharing for several college students earlier in the day and was designed to fit their needs. Look how that turned out.

But how can one Social network that is truly amazing?

Tale baby-steps. Start with careful planning of all slightest details. Here are several pro tips you may be fond of:

  • Engagement is a vital factor of social media and users must be engaged from the very first steps. Put all your effort to ensure you have your visitor’s attention from their first glance. It can be amazing content, birch, colorful images (not too bright though), or amazing call-to-action buttons. Whatever you choose, make sure it works.
  • The first sight on your social network has to clearly visualize what’s it was designed for. But large chunks of text that explain you have developed a network for car lovers where all of them are free to communicate freely about Porsches and Mustangs, and that this network will be overfilled with entertaining content is probably not the best choice. People don’t usually have any time to waste on reading a lot about something new to them. Your logo, motto and slogan should be enough. But those three have to be quite informative, catchy and intriguing at the very same time.
  • Login and signup functionality are great for your homepage, but they are far not all it takes. Give users some freedom and functionality. Allow them to explore your social network for a while before they will ultimately decide to stay for good. Show people why they should stay. This way you will gain their trust and interest in your product and these two factors are priceless in the industry of social networking.

Now we are clear on where to start and how to do so in the best possible manner. But there is more than just beginnings. You still have a far road ahead. If you want more materials on this particular subject – feel free to share your questions in the comments and I will try to answer them all! Toodles!