Top Flaming IT Trends VS Their Dead-Cold Counterparts

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 28, 2015

Top Flaming IT Trends VS Their Dead-Cold Counterparts
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Hello again and today we will talk about recent trends in the world of software development, programming and so on and so forth. The IT industry changes and shifts with lightning speed and is transformed into an environment where you may have been the king due your skillset a day ago, yet most of the things you are great at are useless today.

Well, that was an exaggeration. Skills are always skills and will go nowhere for a decent amount of time. They will be in demand up to a particular point (and that point will come sooner than you may have expected), a point of no return, I’d say. Today everybody who is in any way connected to the industry of software development or IT in general has to stand on his toes. Constant self-education is imminent. And then there are hot trends that are pointing out the direction towards where people should be headed today. Here are several examples?

  • College VS Online: A few years ago college graduates had the upper hand in 99.9% of job interviews globally. But things have changed now with all the emerging startups and new role models like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Today skill matters much more than paper, and, frankly, Colleges fail at teaching pupils everything they will need out there, in the field. The trick is that the IT industry shifts to fast for any educational programs. No updates, no relevant twigs take place. And College is expensive! Some really talented people prefer to study online and prove their worth in practice.
  • JS Files VS JS Frameworks: HTML AJAX apps are really great today so there is literally no necessity writing JS in order to ensure things like whether e-mails contain the “@” sign, etc. Starting from scratch is something that is, by now, pointless in most cases and 90% projects simply do not require such levels of determination. We have frameworks today, such as JQuery or Angular JS, etc. that have most common tasks handled.
  • JS on Canvas VS Flash: Well, it’s finally time to say our farewells to Flash technologies. They have delivered amazing results, yet have caused way too many pain. We can do everything Flash has been offering in the JS layer, with less pain and more gain. And integration of those with DOM layers have created formats like SVG. This leads to same tags SVG and HTML share, making things even easier and then rich APIs enter the game, elaborate Canvas object drawing, use video cards and generally [perform a great job. Flash technologies? Never heard of them!
  • Web apps VS Websites: No longer are large amounts of web pages that form a website are in play. People thrust for web apps: beautiful front-end solutions with large databases they pull info from. This way is simpler, faster and safer.

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