Getting Ready For iPhone Development Interview

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 2, 2014

Getting Ready For iPhone Development Interview
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iPhone developmentThe iOS development business is relatively new and despite thousand iPhone apps that have gone viral, companies looking for iOS development specialists often don’t exactly know what that person should be like and they are rather searching for a do-all development expert to bring their ideas into reality.

The popularity of the apps such as Instagram and Angry Birds have brought great popularity to iOS development and many IT lovers and developers started to try themselves in iOS. Therefore, good news for all iOS applicants is that there aren’t actually lots of pro iPhone developers to compete with them for that position.

With this optimistic thought in mind, let’s see what an employer is likely to expect from you:

  • Published apps

The best way to demonstrate your skills in iPhone application development is, of course, having at least one published app on the Apple Store. It doesn’t need to be the best the employer’s ever seen, but it has to include a few pretty-looking and functional features. The more apps you’ll show the better the interviewer will estimate your skills and the fewer tech questions he’s likely to ask you.

  • Knowing how to submit and update apps

Of course, a not yet published app will do, too, to display your development abilities, however it’s not as good as a published one as employers also appreciate your ability to submit apps to the store and do their updates.

  • Software development background

This is another purpose of showcasing your apps to interviewers. They want experienced employees. So you need to have if not mobile app building expertise, then at least software development background of some kind.

  • Knowledge of SDK

It’s important that you know SDK as well as the language. Knowledge of Objective C is beyond question, but given that iPhone development relies much on iOS SDK APIs, SDK gets in the focus of most tech interview questions to iOS development applicants.

  • Ability to explain your apps

If you can’t explain how your app is built, it’s a very bad sign for an employer that suggests you copied and pasted somebody’s code without understanding it. That’s why prepare to explain your apps very well, otherwise the employer won’t be ready to take a risk of hiring a developer who isn’t able to solve complex issues without some third party help from the Internet.

  • Understanding mobile market

People want their employees to be plugged in, that’s why it’s useful to have idea of big players of the mobile app market and know the popular trends.

Thus, your main goal is to show the interviewer your general understanding of mobile development technology, passion for your job and some finished examples to demonstrate skillset.