Getting smart with dedicated team: benefits and challenges

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on March 15, 2018

Getting smart with dedicated team: benefits and challenges
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Deciding whether to hire a dedicated team of developers is quite a responsible task. There are some visible risks and the stakes are high – your customer’s loyalty depends on it. Is the result worth the trouble?

Shortly, 100% yes if done right. The dedicated team model offers unique possibilities with new factors coming into play as well. However, if you are prepared to meet challenges, you can take the best out of the cooperation.

The main benefits of a dedicated team

  • In-house team focuses on core tasks while the dedicated team handles everything else
  • You get skills that might be not available in your in-house team. You agree that hiring developers with specific skills for one or two projects is inefficient, right? With a dedicated team, you don’t have to invest in devs education.
  • Cost-effective, the rate of an outsourcing developer is usually 2-3 times lower than of your local one.

When to do software outsourcing?

The key question here is: what tasks can a dedicated software development team perform? Dedicated teams can do any kind of project like developing a site for HuffPost or performing Click-to-Call testing for Skype. Today the model evolved and outsourcing developers perform first-priority tasks as well.

Even though benefits of hiring a dedicated development team are pretty clear, business owners regularly face concerns and doubts. Let’s explore the most popular of them and see what we can do to eliminate the possible risks.

Concern #1 – Cultural misunderstanding

Let’s say, you are located in New York, and your offshore dedicated team is somewhere in India or Eastern Europe. How to be sure you’ll be understood?

It all depends on team’s professional level. Top IT outsourcing companies work with American clients for years, they are not new to cultural specifics.

If your project is global, having an international team is a great advantage.

Concern #2 – Hidden costs

Operations abroad require great management efforts since you’ll be dealing with foreign performers. How to manage it?

  • An experienced team already has a management methodology in place so you actually have nothing to worry about.
  • Schedule regular meetings (at least once a week) where you can discuss what has been done and set goals for the next week.
  • Plan ahead. Calculate the cost of management, set project, and team-building goals before starting dedicated software development.

Concern #3 – Lack of face-to-face communication

Let’s be honest, in the information era clients barely communicate with devs located in the same city. Even in the office, programmers use distant communication and task-managing boards. There is nothing in the development process that couldn’t be substituted with Skype. Again, well-organized management easily puts all these doubts to rest.

Concern #4 – What country to choose?

The criteria of choice are price, the qualification of developers and level of tech innovation available in the country.

The most popular outsourcing destinations are:

We have an article that covers outsourcing essentials – and one of them is picking a country for partnership.

Concern #5 – Security

It is reasonable that working with a dedicated project team somewhere in the other part of the world gets you thinking about the safety of the project. What can you do to ensure the security of the secret information?

  • Check whether the vendor has performed projects with private data before. What was the protocol and how did the vendor and client handle it?
  • Look for companies with International certifications for data privacy which guarantee the qualification of the dedicated team.

Nothing scary, right? Every business goal can be accomplished with the professional management. If you assess the risks and evaluate the possibilities beforehand, the benefits of the cooperation with dedicated developers will be reaped very soon.

We gladly share our 17-year experience of working as a dedicated team so if you have any questions, doubts or project ideas, contact us.