Global Forecast On IT expenses By Gartner

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 1, 2011

Global Forecast On IT expenses By Gartner
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The Gartner analytical company has updated its forecast concerning global expenses on IT (information technologies) this year and it has stated that they likely increase by 7.1 % up to 3.7 billion dollars. The increasing expenses on the migration into the cloud computing along with the integration of new software development and IT services is probably to become the chief driven force.

Sooner Gartner forecasted the growth of expenses by 5.6% up to 3.4 billion dollars. In accordance with the vice-president on R&D of the company, Richard Gordon, the growth of expenses will be also observed in 2012.

The forecast shows that the expenses on cloud services will achieve 89 billion dollars. Nevertheless, cloud services are assumed to present the sphere which will engage in many other trends also. Gartner is expecting by the year 2015 the expenses on cloud services will gain 177 billion dollars.

What is concerning the expenses on telecommunication solutions will increase up to 2.1 billion dollars that means the growth by 6.9% if to compare with the previous year. Consequently, it is probably to expect that mobile software programming will also develop and it is expected many new cutting edge solutions in the near future.