Global Leaders of Mobile Devices Market: Should We Expect The Change?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 29, 2013

Global Leaders of Mobile Devices Market: Should We Expect The Change?
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1I will not invent a bicycle if say that mobile devices became much more popular over recent years. Technological boom goes on and on and undoubtedly will continue to grow. There are two competing leaders in the world: Apple and Samsung.

Samsung continues its expansion throughout the global market, especially among people who use mobile phone to access the internet. But with the new low-cost phones issued by Apple last month the Samsung’s expansion may last not for a long.

Samsung devices comprise around 26 percent out of all mobile market, while Apple accounted for more than 23 percent, since it launched new inexpensive iPhones, at the same time Nokia took the 3rd place in this mobile race with 21 percent.

Apple’s leading distributing shares are in Canada, northern Europe, USA, Russia, Italy, France and Great Britain. Thus we can say that Apple is mostly used in northern semisphere. At the same time, southern semisphere is occupied by Nokia with its strong position in Africa and most of northern regions in Central Asia. The global leader is Samsung which occupies South America, central Europe and Asia.

Australia and Vietnam is Apple’s southern bridgehead. The gap between rich world and poor world is quite big.  Rich countries such as US, Canada, Finland and Australia share 52, 63, 35 and 66 percent of Apple’s shares respectively. Cheap Nokia prevails in Africa and several third-world countries and have only 25 in home country Finland.

Samsung expands into South America, having 36 percent of shares in Brazil, and gets some of its highest market share in Northern Africa and Central Asia, with 47 percent share in Iraq.

Now Apple released new and cheaper iPhone 5C and soon we will see how it will influence the bigger picture. No doubt that Apple continues to increase its shares, especially in UK and US, but there in only one global leader- Samsung. If the rumors come true, we will see the change in the market shares sooner or later. It will be good to see how low-cost iPhone will help it increase market share against less expensive competitors in global markets. Apple is throwing a big challenge with release of low-cost iPhone, targeting to take over less rich countries, where current phones are so much expensive. For instance, China, the leader in smartphone usage, where they buy smartphones 3 times more than in USA. New Apple’s iPhone can make it there.

Another Apple’s challenge is India, in which there is only one percent, compared to 27 percent for Samsung.

Blackberry was a former leader but now it is dying company, only some countries are left where it still popular- Guyana and South Africa with 25 and 41 percent respectively. Anyway, Blackberry application development is used today by many companies.

During the past years BlackBerry has lost massive share and is currently seeking an outside buyer for the company’s assets.