Go, QArea!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 16, 2015

Go, QArea!
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Don’t stop!

Well, from the experience of our team at QArea I might say that in the world of IT, if you stop for even a single second – you’re dead. Technologies get updated, new solutions pop out like mushrooms after a rain in September and there are literally billions of best practices, one better than the other. So everyone needs to stay on toes, especially designers, testers and developers.

Considering we are doing so anyway, why not gain credit from our efforts? Studying should pay off in more than just skillset advancements. And so our Top Management team have decided to push and motivate our engineers even further, by covering all certification-related expenses.

Certification Spree at QArea

This initiative encourages our developers to gain more professional certification by applying their skills and knowledge. QArea, as a company, does cover all related expenses and provides additional bonuses to those, eager to test themselves. This is also a great management solution, due more people are encouraged in achieving greater results.

We have even encountered several friendly rivals between our teammates. They actually made a race on who will get more before this year’s end, and have betted lots of beer for the winner (like a lot!).

First blossoming results!

Maks KuharenkoConsidering we are partners with Aqcuia and have a really fast-forwarded Drupal team, no wonder first results bloomed in that domain, beginning with Maks Kuharenko, who was the early bird to gain Aqcuia Developer certification. And, considering how deep QArea is in the Drupal community we do love to get more credit from such a respected player from the industry.

Here is what Max, himself, had to say about his newly achieved certification:

What did motivate you towards investing your time into this Certification?

– I think I wanted to prove myself, that I am truly capable of taking all possible challenges head on, plus it was quite fun as additional experience, you know…

So, basically, you wanted to prove your own skills?

– Not really, no. Honestly, I don’t really think I must prove anything to anybody. I know I am capable of many fantastic things, especially when Drupal is involved. But I do love the thrill of a challenge. It was more like personal motivation kind of thing, rather than some activity I needed to do, because of some particular reasons.

What would you really like to recommend to your colleagues, who would like to try this out?

– Go ahead! If you actually want to try, please do so. Just don’t do it because of personal gain or an extra achievement for a better looking CV. We are all professionals here. If you are willing to find out whether you are as great as you believe yourselves to be, go ahead. One way or the other, you will either succeed by completing, or you will find several weak spots to work on within yourself. That’s a win-win, if you ask me.