Golang development vs Node.js: Who wins?

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 9, 2017

Golang development vs Node.js: Who wins?

Our epoch can be called the age of rush. Modern people usually hurry up to succeed. That’s why innovative technologies are essential. Therefore, entrepreneurs and businesses prefer dynamic, highly responsive applications and quick-loading websites that can be built by a professional custom software development company.

Golang technology overview

Many experienced, creative programmers select simple, consistent, safe and fast-to-code languages. This is the reason why they opt for Golang development services.

GO is famous for its high raw and real-time performance, concurrency, and fast compilation. In need of dynamic, and responsive apps, business owners prefer modern Golang development tools. This programming language is young, high-performance, coherent and elegant. However, only talented and experienced developers master Golang technology with its sophisticated coding and testing methods. We’ve already compared Golang with Python. This time let’s compare it with Node.js.

Golang development services or Node.js?

Node.js is a speedy, sophisticated, developer-friendly environment. Based on popular, versatile JavaScript language, it offers multiple dynamic libraries to frontend developers. Thanks to its modular structure and powerful community support, the environment makes application development easy and cost-effective. However, fast, concurrent and lightweight Golang technology is becoming trendy now. As well as Node.js, Go was announced in 2009, but it is reputed mature and quite robust for its age.

Therefore, many forward-looking programmers and software companies switch to Go which has already attracted half a million users and community members worldwide. Many enterprises, such as Uber, Netflix, and Adobe use Golang development tools for microservices, app development, and cloud storage. Docker, SoundCloud, and Dropbox applications are written in Go language as well. In addition to that, you can also check this extensive list of Go users worldwide.

The need for Golang Development

As well as Node.js, Go language is perfect for the development of networked apps. Meanwhile, it is really good for database driven applications, as Cloud Datastore is a great solution for businesses that set a high value on their precious data. Golang was created on the base of C and C++ conservative languages; it’s a general-purpose, compiled language, but it stands out from its precursors for:

• fast compilation;

• easy dependency and memory management;

• rich type systems;

• powerful multi-core support.

Experienced programmers switch to Golang development not only from C and C++ but from Python, Java, and Node.js. Go is simple, scalable and clean. Therefore, many developers have an urge to replace other languages for software development with Golang to improve its performance, compilation capabilities, and concurrency.

JavaScript vs Golang development performance

Famous for non-blocking I/O processing approach, Node.js masters in creating real-time, powerful applications, including desktop and web ones. However, Golang surpasses JavaScript in:

• raw and real-life performance;

• maturity;

• scalability;

• concurrency.

JavaScript is commonly preferred by frontend programmers and used by many software development companies, while Golang development tools are great and indispensable for backend, web, and server-side services. Garbage collection of Go is based on the progressive mark-and-sweep algorithm, which adds to the advantages of this technology. Golang codes are clear, efficient and even shorter than the ones written in JS.

However, Go is quite young, with an actively growing ecosystem. Testing, error handling, and debugging can be still challenging for Golang developers. Additionally, new coding concepts called “goroutines” are not easy to learn. They include channels, threads, pointers, coroutines, which are innovative, but difficult to master.

Therefore, many business owners prefer to order software development services from reliable companies with an expertise in Golang. Overall, the language is well-suited for web, server-side and network apps, as well as for command-line: standalone or simple ones. Go codes are syntactically clean, and scalable. As to system-level programming, Golang technology demands solid skills and rich engineering experience. You can prefer Node.js for the complex tasks and wait until Go language evolves subsequently, or simply to contact our professional Golang developers to get high-quality services right now!

The Almighty of Golang Development

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