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January 25, 2012

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January 31, 2012

Good to have $100 million to toss into the fight

January 30, 2012

apple storeCongratulations! The first round was fabulous and as late as that moment Apple has reportedly fired off $100 million on its legitimate concern with HTC, and the fact of the material is, here lately they have had particularly nothing to show for it. Newsweek’s Dan Lyons distinguishes Apple’s assault of litigation worldwide have generated precious little while full of suggestion wins have been scantily and far amidst in its ongoing legitimate concerns against Android developers. Apple did contrive a victory last month when the International Trade Commission prohibited the import of various HTC smartphones it considered to be intrenched on a patent, but HTC commented the same day and claimed a simple assignment was already started to be rolled out. What’s new about the apples? Can’t go out of sight yet however, and if it turns down to cash, Apple obviously has the resources and power to exasperate HTC. Hopefully HTC can proceed to amend their disputes speedily and easily.