Google Adds Prompter Engine To Chrome 10

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 4, 2011

Google Adds Prompter Engine To Chrome 10
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The new version of the Google Chrome Web browser contains of a new JavaScript engine which improves performance and better Options management has been added.
Google Chrome 10 is the latest version of Google’s constantly updated Web browser that has a little very welcome new abilities such as a revised Options interface and faster and a brand new JavaScript engine.

If to say that Google was on a prompt revision schedule with the Chrome browser would seem to be an understatement. For every six weeks they have been rather close to a new version and if this rate stops we will be at Chrome 20 till summer 2012.

That pace signifies that every new version of Chrome is barely a massive upgrade and with version 10, majority Chrome users apparently won’t realize that they possess a new version as the browser automatically updates itself. It doesn’t mean that Chrome 10 requires worthwhile new features.

It is likely the biggest is its usage of the new Crankshaft V8 engine for JavaScript. This, together with other performance improvements of version 10, evidently place Chrome right at the top of browser performance, at the least if to look at present shipping browsers and not betas.

Chrome 10 performs well through a variety of Web performance benchmarks. According to test that was run deploying Futuremark’s Peacekeeper browser benchmark, Chrome 10 indeed performed very well, scoring right at the peak of browser performance together with Opera 11.

If to speak about new interface features in Chrome 10, there will be the most noticeable the revised Options interface for users. Now, when users disclose the Options from the Tool menu of the Chrome, despite of launching a separate box, there are the options that are displayed within a regular browser tab.

It is found to be a very useful option for handling browser settings. Together with the cleaner interface, now users may deploy a search box to spring to place where the setting they wish to alter were in the Option window. It worked even when a search term was inside the other box inside the window Options, with a yellow arrow indicating to where to click to discover the searched-for term.

The only one complaint was most likely about this because it was suggested to use across all settings and the search to work throughout everything, from standard Options settings to extension and Add-on controls.

The Chrome Sync feature, that provides an opportunity to deploy a Gmail or Google account to allot preferences and bookmarks across installations of Chrome on various systems, has been upgraded in Version 10 too. Now there is also the opportunity to share saved passwords among Chrome installs on various systems.

For the users who running Chrome 10 on Vista or Windows 7, the browser may also deploy a sandbox feature to confine capability for Flash, and any malware which overthrows Flash, to attack and access system resources.