Google Dictates The New Rules Of Responsive!

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 4, 2015

Google Dictates The New Rules Of Responsive!
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What April holds?

Google’s search engines will now be prejudice. Not from this moment, but from April, though that’s not too far from now, considering today is March already. What’s all the fuss about? Websites that are mobile responsive will weigh more to search bots then their less friendly counterparts.

Google search engine will prefer mobile friendly websites from April, 21st. The official blog of the service has officially notified that.

What should website owners do?

Considering new changes will be valid for all countries and languages every website owner should consider making his site mobile friendly while there is still time. Besides all that is noted above Google will shortly integrate info about installed apps into mobile search (for users that are logged in the search engine’s site). This means Google will be opening the search result rather then the installed app. So what do we do now?

First of all, if your site’s already responsive you should test that and you’d better test it good hence a lot is dependent of mobile friendliness today. There are several nice options you are free to use:

As you are probably understanding website responsiveness has transformed from a pleasant addition to user experience into a vital necessity website owners should strictly follow if they wish to stay on the flow in the rapidly evolving world of WWW.

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