Google+ iPhone App Leads iTunes Store

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 21, 2011

Google+ iPhone App Leads iTunes Store
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Google+ gets into Apple’s iPhone, and after a buggy first launch, promptly becoming the most popular free application within the iTunes App Store.

The Google+ mobile application for iPhone heads the top free app list in the iTunes App Store in spite launching a little bit untimely from the Googleplex on July 19.

Google+ presents popular new search engine that can have as many as 18 million of users. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) launched a native Android smartphones mobile app with the inception of the network June 28 still clear up (or talking over with Apple) the native iPhone app.

Google vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra, sent iPhone fans into a madness with the introduction of the iPhone app Google+ via Google+ on the July 19 afternoon.

Nevertheless, lead product manager for Google+ Mobile, Punit Soni, said Google discovered an issue with the iPhone Google+ Application version that was in the App Store.

As Soni wrote on his Google+ page, when they launched, the App Store began to serve a latest test version of the application that didn’t have the fixes and stability which the previous version had. The correct version was started serving a little bit later. On case you downloaded within the first 1 hour 40 minutes, you can have downloaded the former test version.

The new version number is Soni emboldened early installers to check the Google+ version by means of clicking on the gear icon that is on the top left of the application’s homescreen and searching above the help button.

For everyone who downloaded the older version, Soni recommended to uninstall the application and reinstall it on the iTunes.

Anyway, the refreshed + iPhone app is running well after there were found some early bugs. The program lets users to establish updates to the Google+ Stream and see the pictures, updates and links posted to the service in the Circles by folks. Users can also control the Circles.

Just as the location-sharing feature in Google Buzz, the mobile version as well allows users to view public posts from other nearby located Google+ users. Similar to the Android + app, the iPhone + application involves the Huddle group messaging feature.

Nevertheless, iPhone users may not enjoy the Instant Upload feature that allows Android phone users to shuttle automatically photos they deploy on their smartphones to Google+. This application doesn’t work for the iPod touch as well.

The come of the Google+ iPhone so quick after the launch of the original service is a breath of fresh air for users of iPhone.

Owing to Apple’s competitive politics, it delayed releases of Google native mobile apps, as for example Google Voice, Google Latitude and Google Goggles for months before assenting to publish them. Ultimately, Apple loosened the reins on its development rules and procedures of App Store to let the apps.