Google Keep is Officially Launched

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 22, 2013

Google Keep is Officially Launched
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Those who closely follow the news regarding a search engine giant are undoubtedly aware of Google’s accidental launch of note-taking service on Saint Patrick’s Day that was closed soon after. This time the release of Evernotes rival is official and it seems Google Keep will serve us for a while now.

What is Google Keep?

Keep-is the service that allows you in convenient manner place your thoughts, photos, notes and checklists where you can sort out priorities. New note-taking service is automatically makes available your notes to you at all times using Google Drive to store them and synchronize the data across Android and web devices.

Everyday Benefits

Every single day, in our incredibly fast moving world, we see, we hear, we think of things we need to remember. Google Keep relieves us from those annoying 3M sticky notes and helps us in the most convenient way note down, remember and prioritize all of our observations and thoughts keeping them close to you all day, every day.

Rivalry with Evernotes

It is clear that Google’s decision to launch Keep was based on observations of its rival’s success. Also it’s obvious that new note-taking service is quite immature comparing to Evernotes, as it lacks certain usable features. Although, Google Keep was blessed with bare and straightforward design is it actually does have many pluses. Interesting fact is that Keep so far is not going to charge a penny outside user’s Google Drive disc capacity, where Evernote is forcing to pay fees when the limit of 1GB a month is exceeded.

If Google addresses all of the issues that it has with Keep to this date, then new service have all chances to become the next big thing. Anyhow we all following and hoping that Google Keep is doomed for a long run success.