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May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013

Google Penguin 2.0 Algorithm is Launched

May 23, 2013

Google Penguin 2.0 algorithm is launchedOn 22th May, 2013 the new version of Penguin algorithm was launched. According to Matt Cutts this update will affect approximately 2.3% of English queries in the USA. The changes will be evident even for ordinary users. Moreover the new version of algorithm is also available for other languages of the world. The scope of new Penguin 2.0 will depend on the language, thus languages which have more webspam can feel more impact.

Western SEO optimizers do their own calculations and consider that it is actually the fourth launch related to Penguin, but in Google this update is called Penguin 2.0. Full chronology of updates looks like this:

  • The first Penguin algorithm was released on 24th April, 2012 and affected approximately 3% of search queries;
  • The first update of Penguin algorithm to version 1.1 occurred on 26th May, 2012 and affected less than 0.1% of search queries;
  • The second update of the filter was conducted on 5th October, 2012 and affected approximately 0.3% of search queries;
  • Penguin 2.0 was officially launched on 22th May, 2013. According to the official statement updated filter will affect up to 2.3% of search queries the English-language issue.

Earlier in May 2013 Matt Cutts has already claimed that the new algorithm, as before, will be aimed at exposing the methods of “black optimization” used to promote a number of websites. It will be a bit more complex than the 1.0 version of Penguin, and the operation of the filter will be deeper and more serious than the functional of the previous version.

At the same time reports of independent experts directly indicate that the algorithm Google Penguin eventually introduces more strict standards for assessing the reference profile of the website, and the new version of the Penguin has all chances to become the most discussed update of 2013.