Google VS Apple: Final Round?

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 17, 2015

Google VS Apple: Final Round?
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War must go on!

It has been years that Google and Apple rivaled and so did their fans all over social media. And still, many have used Google tech on Apple devices without any hesitation. Wisest of us were choosing hardware from Apple and used Google’s software. Can you truly imagine your MacBook without Chrome or Gmail or Google Drive? How will you manage to use the internet without Google? And yet two giants aim to divide their market in half. One will not support each other’s devices shortly.

Surely many people use services that are not G-made, however not nearly as often, nor do such tools offer same functionality and simplicity. This may be even more vital for an enterprise, where employees use both iPads and Google Drive, for example.

The hard choice

We have heard what people from Google have announced at their I/O last month and now Apple confirmed the same recently on Apple WWDC. We now know we, consumers, customers, employees and even business owners have to choose only one side of the medal. The choice may indeed become fatal in the long run. However not all is as terrible because both Apple and Google are prepared (or at least are trying) to become unique, stand-alone solution with their own sets of cloud-storages, integrated web apps, digital assistants and much more. Imagine the impact this event will cause on overall and especially cross-platform application development.

Who will win?

Only time will definitely show the victor of this battle royal, yet consider betting your money on Google in this one. Surely Apple hardware is slightly better, yet there are dozens of companies like Samsung, LG and Motorola for example who develop astonishing devices and Windows also seems to be integrated with Google apps. As an addition, G-services are already well known, demanded and practically every internet user is familiar with them by now. However this is still but a suggestion as you never know what Apple may come up with next.