Fresh-Baked Sneak-Peaks of Google’s Newest Projects

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 16, 2015

Fresh-Baked Sneak-Peaks of Google’s Newest Projects
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There is no point telling how big Google has become over the years nor should I be writing about what the company has already granted mankind with. Their tools, software, hardware, robotics and more are amazing and known all over the world. Whatever Googlers are up to, regardless of whether their software solution is great or a complete failure, it always makes a lot of noise in the press, social media and literally finds its way to any possible conversation between people.

But what if I told you there’s no need to wait for any solution from Google to be released and you can get all the juicy, spicy details about new software products in one place: here and now? This article, for example, will be filled with interesting information about Google’s latest projects that have still not hit the shelves of actual and digital stores yet will be released considerably soon. I see you can’t wait to dive into some hot news related to newest and coolest tech innovations so let the show begin!

  1. Let’s bring out the big guns: Smart Contact Lenses. This fine piece of technology is exactly what its name states. This particular piece of wearable tech is designed to assist people with diabetes as the device measures blood sugar. Then data is sent to a mobile device, thus 24/7 monitoring is practically achieved. This is something you have probably heard by now but there’s a larger picture. Technology of miniaturization will be used beyond lenses. Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder states that latest miniaturization of electronics technologies are used to improve quality of people’s lives and together with Novartis they have big plans. More wearable tech aimed at assisting people with various healthcare issues will be created as Google-X projects. Such devices may even be used internally as implants.
  2. Project Soli. Wearables are definitely in trend with Google walls. Experts are already innovating solutions that assist with one of the largest issues wearable devices and their users face – terrible controls. Watches have tiny screens while glasses (or lenses) have no screens at all. This is a real pain in terms of usability. Thus Project Soli was born, a small sensor designed for smart watches that allows really accurate hand tracking and through it grants people to control gadgets with gestures. This is a big step towards solving user experience and control issues that are centered around really small screens. No longer will people be used to physically tap on a device, one wave of a finger would be enough to answer a call or scroll through a screen.
  3. Project Vault. Data security is also extremely demanded today considering all those successful and loud hacks that are literally flooding every day’s news. No wonder experts from Google wen heads on the process of data protection. Rumor says that Project Vault will be more secure than even fingerprint scans. That noted we may clearly conclude Google has announced war to passwords! This mainly happens because simple passwords anyone can easily memorize are hacked with even greater simplicity while complex combinations of letters, symbols, digits and capitals end up written down somewhere and having paper stickers that provide access to vital data simply lying around the desk. Not a realty secure way of protecting information, right? Tools like LastPass also get hacked and such exposure get from bad to worse. This problem requires a rapid solution and team Google hopes their Vault should do the trick. The device itself resembles an ordinary SD card however both computers and smartphones see them as another detachable storage device but with two files: one to read from and the other to write into. What does the magic trick? Vault is not a simple SD card, it is an actual (virtual) computer that’s 100% autonomous and serves encryption and decryption purposes. OS performs checks and ensure files that are written and read are the same and accept the key. So data that is stored in the Vault is a) safe and b) accessible from any device your Vault is plugged in. Plus the card has an antenna, ARM Processor and an NFC module managed by a Linux-based OS – RTOS.

There are numerous other projects hidden inside Google’s walls but rest assured you will get to know all the interesting details ASAP. Simply subscribe to our blog and get more updates. PS: part two’s coming out next week.