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A Great Webinar about Drupal Features Module & Drush You Don’t Want to miss

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October 6, 2014
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Drupal may prove to be challenging sometimes

Drupal is a splendid CMS mostly due its usefulness and simplicity. There are lots of features, modules, themes and whatever else your heart may desire scattered around the internet for you to use. Yet, if you are up to something hardcore Drupal may be quite a challenge sometimes. Something magnificent (as your current project for example) always requires lots and more of effort and skills to come out a masterpiece.

The Webinar

Thus QArea is offering you a chance of attending a webinar it is hosting. Two speakers, Andrey and Yaroslav, who have proven to be professionals of high class in various Drupal projects will be talking about what challenges any team may face while the deployment stage. And, of course, ways of overcoming them via the full potential of the Features Module plus a little bit of Drush. The tickets are 100% free yet limited, thus I’d advise you to get some before QArea runs out of available seats.

Although it is a firs experience of hosting a webinar I (I admit, I’ve been spying on the materials a bit) believe that the event will be of great educational value to everybody from a developer to a CTO. Any Drupal development company as well as its employees may gain from the webinar in order for the further deployment to go smoother than ever. The speakers will be covering quite a piece of important info on October 20. So what will actually be covered?

  • The Features Module and ways it may assist you dramatically
  • The Drush and its killer combo with Features
  • There will also be a part dedicated to writing just the right commands that will assist with deployment

If you are into making difficult things a bit easier, then this is a place you will really want to be. So I’m leaving the link to the registration form here just in case.

Enjoy the fun!


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