Here Are a Few Questions You Need to Ask a Contractor Prior to Buying Software

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 15, 2013

Here Are a Few Questions You Need to Ask a Contractor Prior to Buying Software
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A new computer software for a business can be very beneficial, but also an expensive to purchase and maintain. If you wish to evade paying for months and years for your mistakes, before buying software make sure you ask a contractor the questions listed below. Following questions are a must prior to decision making of whether buying or not off-the-shelf computer software needed for your business.

What Does Define Computer Software Price?

There are multiple ways to determine software cost. Per Seat and Per Concurrent User are more popular ways to define the price. Per Seat is determined by the number of employees in your company that at any given time will be using the computer software. Per Concurrent User is based on established number of users that utilize computer software at one time.

What Are The Satisfaction Guarantees?

One of the first things you want to figure out is if the vendor is providing any guarantees of satisfaction with its software, their refund policies and the number of days you can keep their product for a trial, and in case of denial will you be able receive back partial or full refund. There are times when unsatisfied customers are expecting refunds from the contractors when decided that the software is not what they desired, but it is usually nearly impossible to get your money back.

Is The Offered Computer Software Scalable?

Before buying certain software for your business, make sure that proposed item is scalable in design, if yes then it will easily progress with your business at minimal cost to you. For dynamically growing small businesses scalable software is a vital feature. It is an unpleasant fact to realize that your business have outgrown purchased a year ago software and in order to replace it you have to go through costly testing and development process once again.

Does Contractor Have a Support Department?

Prior to hiring a software development vendor it’s good to know if they have a support department and what are the hours of their work. It doesn’t make difference whether your business is located in the nearby location or across the globe, your contractor’s support must be available to you, by that exclude situations that force you to take your system down for unknown period of time and be waiting for assistance.

Does On-site Services Go With The Purchased Software?

A good number of higher cost programs include some sort of on-site services for their customers. If the on-site services do not go along with the offered item make sure that you include this option into the contract before purchase. Remember that locally positioned companies should automatically guarantee certain on-site services before purchase. This will only rationalize your implementation process and increase chances of success.

Asking yourself and the vendor the right questions should help you to make the right decision regarding a computer software purchase. While searching and purchasing software a proper planning will increase chances for successful and pleasant software experience.